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The First Solar Group

The Solar Group was a Human political structure which was founded in 2350 and fell apart a little more than five hundred years later in 2888.   It was an attempt to hold together the interests of systems colonised from Earth, established in the anxious times that followed the Limitation of 2348, when it became apparent that Humanity was not going to be admitted to the Society Of Contemporary Races at any time in the near future.   To begin with, the Resource Management World Government was much stronger, economically and militarily than its fledgling colonies but whilst it remained the dominant power in the Solar Group throughout its entire existence, the balance of power did gradually begin to shift as the colonies grew, strengthening their individual and collective bargaining power.   Once it became clear that the Limitation was a serious and effective measure, the newcomers to interstellar affairs were surprised and disconcerted so that the primary impetus of the Solar Group in its early years was defensive. There was genuine fear that the Limitation might be a prelude to more serious military action and that human civilization would stand little chance of protecting itself against a galactic organisation which clearly possessed powerful technologies far beyond any known to Earth. Later, when there was no obvious follow up and the galaxy at large seemed mostly content to let humans exercise full autonomy provided they remained within the Bubble, the politics of the Solar Group shifted to squabbling about development plans for the colonies and the rights of Earth to tax trade beyond the solar system.   The S'arys Contract in 2455 represented the first independent attempt to set up some kind of limited opposition to the dictates of the Solar Group but a more serious challenge came in 2540 when the Republic successfully declared independence. This marks the start of the fragmentation of the Bubble, a process which continued until the first Solar Group broke apart in mutual distrust in 2888.

Solar Service, Solar Strength

Non-agression pact

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