S'arys Contract

The S'arys Contract was a proposal for trading arrangements within the Solar Group which would operate on more favourable terms to the member worlds with less of the previous imbalances which had always worked in favour of Earth.   Drafted on S'arys in 2455 it had notable support from Blue Home and Gall V amongst the more important worlds and was also backed by many of the lesser systems. Whilst agreeing in principle with the revised trade tarrifs and taxes, the Resource Management World Government through the Bureau of Economic Affairs and the Great Commercial League were in practice able to weaken the terms of the deal and to strongarm most of the colonies into not signing up with the Contract. Nevertheless S'arys itself gained considerably from this diplomatic effort and was later reinforced by Gall V when it became the second full signatory to the Contract in 2475.   Historians see the Contract as an important sign that the power of Earth over the Solar Group was weakening. It was the two worlds who had gained the most from the Contract that would go on to break away from the Solar Group and establish the Republic in 2540.
Contract, Civil
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