Gall V

Colonised in 2418, Gall V is a small dense world, some one hundred and thirty light years from Sol in the direction of the galactic core. The duration of its orbit is 0.65 of an Earthly year and this length of time became the basis for a new interstellar calendar to rival the one used by the First Solar Group after the foundation of the Republic.   Shown at the head of the article are the Amethyst Hills which lie on the north east coast of the large island of Xessor, home to the Five Cities of the Gang Masters.

Fauna & Flora

On the Amethyst Hills, a low mat forming plant known informally as amethyst fills a similar role to the grasses found on other worlds. It is covered in tiny purple flowers which bloom from late spring into early winter lending a vivid purple hue to the entire region.   The Monsieur d'Embarass lagoon in the south east of Xess, is the home of a species of swamp plant known as holoppo. Holoppo flowers are red and white and can be processed to extract the hallucinogenic drug, known as Red Seethe.   The holoppo harvester's depot, shown below, belongs to the Whispering Smoke gang, one of the Gallian Trading Gangs based in Hope Landing. They run a number of operations gathering holoppo flowers.  
Gall V - Holoppo Harvester's Depot by DMFW


In 2475 Gall V became the second signatory to the S'arys Contract and in 2505, the base of operations for the Gallian Trading Gangs which began to operate throughout the Bubble. The gangs effectively broke the near monopoly over trade between human colonies in the Bubble which had hitherto been controlled by the Great Commercial League.   In 2540, Gall V became one of the founding members of the Republic.


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Cover image: Gall V : The Amethyst Hills by DMFW


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