The Republic

The Republic was a group of human colony worlds which broke away from the Solar Group in 2540, the year which marks the start of the fragmentation of the Bubble.   Gall V, S'arys, Carillon IV and Eyrie were the four founder members.   The fledgling Republic drew strength from the economic operations of the Gallian Trading Gangs which had broken the monopoly of the Great Commercial League but they could not have gained autonomy without also seizing control of The Great Hammer on Carillon V.   From the outset the Republic pursued an agressive expansionist policy against its neighbours, colonising Jingle in the Dickens system in 2548 and engaging in a successful low level "bush" war for control of Tannadice II in 2552. Om, Olympus and the important Nezah System containing the double planets of Mainstream and Greenlush all petitioned to join or were co-opted over the next eight years. The attempt to absorb the independent world of Zephyr, however was ultimately rebuffed as Zephyr succeeded in retaining its free status outside of both the Solar Group and the Republic.   In 2610 the Republic colonised the planet of New Cambria but their power never grew significantly after that time, despite the occasional addition of smaller independent worlds to their ranks.   Nevertheless they outlasted the Solar Group by a little while, before dissolving into chaos in 2960.

Free Trade, Free Thought, Free Lives

Non-agression pact

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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