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The Great Hammer

The Great Hammer was a strip engine manufacturing centre which came online at Carillon V in 2485.   By providing an alternative to the Luminal Forge on Io, it loosened the grip of the Earth centred powers in the Bubble and is considered a key event which supported the creation of the Republic.   The innermost moon of Carillon V is called Mjölnir and it was here that the anvil for the Great Hammer was constructed in the form of an advanced field focus concentration station. Mjölnir has a high inclination orbit around Carillon V which takes it over the poles. This unusual geometric configuration offers certain advantages over the set up for the Luminal Forge around Jupiter. When Mjölnir crosses the magnetic field lines of Carillon V at the poles, the concentration station can deliver a powerful pulse which allows for higher energy level manipulation as a strip engine is tuned.   Here we see fountains of cascading field lines radiating in tortured energies made visible above the focus engine as the magnetic field lines of Carillon V are hammered into the tiny black hole being held in suspension by the focus anvil. When the process is complete the strip engine will be installed within a flicker drive housing, providing the essential mechanism that allows the limitations of the speed of light to be bypassed.  

Cover image: Carillon V : The Great Hammer by DMFW


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