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The Luminal Forge

The Luminal Forge was built in 2275 to construct Strip Engines on Io, the innermost Jovian moon.¬†   Strip Engines are an essential component for the then newly discovered Flicker Drive and demand was high. Taking advantage of the strong radiation flux, the natural tidal energies of Io and the access to mass feeds, streaming gas from the Jovian clouds, the Luminal Forge delivered a steady stream of Strip Engines for the interstellar ships of the second dynasty of the Resource Management World Government.   The Luminal Forge was an incredibly dangerous place to work, even though it was mostly managed by robotic technology. Accident rates were high and throughout the almost thousand year duration of the facility as an operating centre, there were many occasions when it had to be shut down or substantially rebuilt due to serious energy containment failures.   Until 2485, the Luminal Forge was the only place in the Bubble where humanity was able to construct Strip Engines, but in that year, the Great Hammer¬†came online on Carillon V.

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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