Nezah System

This system is based around the spectral class F star HR 7793, located some 85 light years from Earth in the direction of the galactic core. The central star is somewhat hotter than Earth's sun and it has a correspondingly wider and more distant habitable zone, as applied to standard terrestrial worlds. In the middle of this zone, is a remarkable double planet consisting of two bodies roughly the size of Mars which orbit their common centre of gravity. Both are high quality habitable worlds, known as Mainstream and Greenlush which were colonised together in 2448 towards the beginning of the fourth dynasty of the resource management world government. They joined the Republic shortly after its foundation in the middle of the 26th century. In 3098 an infamous conflict known as the Great Squabble, broke out between the two planets. This is considered by many historians to mark a low point for humanity in general during a period of great disorganisation within the Bubble after the collapse of the first Solar Group and the Republic.
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