One of the twin Cathedral Moons preserving Cata-Zin ruins studied by the thinderin and humanity. The other moon is called Issulon.   The Cathedral Moons orbit Hequidar I at a distance of roughly one AU from the sun and are of artificial origin.   Eduoma is the inner moon. It is also called the light cathedral and has an abnormally high density allowing it to retain a thin atmosphere. The cover image shows the thinderin grove where studies into the Cata-Zin ruins here have been undertaken continuously since 12590 BCE. Before that, there was an earlier thinderin programme which lasted from 30677 BCE to 18004 BCE   The skies on Eduoma are lilac under the cool orange light of Hequidar and the palest indigo as the sun sets. Its towers are white and rose pink and its citadels are ringed by icy narrow canals and buttressed by diamond filigree webs. Expansive empty plazas are open to the sun but give back only the faintest of echoes from lonely patrolling footsteps. Time has not been as kind to the light cathedral as to the dark. Over the ages, the thin atmosphere has worked away at the stone and even at the more durable artificial materials to reduce many subtle carvings to a smooth and faceless blank. In the mornings, when Hequidar rises over a grid of terraced roofs, you can often see the slim ghost of hoar frost melting back into the night. Pale white umbrella spores float through the cold streets from the once rigidly defined planting beds where uncountable generations of spindly opinia have been confined by the original design of the builders. Remarkably, the plants have only succeeded in colonising a few sites amidst the decaying splendours of the Cathedral ruins and for the most part the planet retains the purity of untouched stone. Biologists say that the opinia was originally bio engineered into restricted growth patterns but ten million years or so is a long time to leave a crop untended and evolution has begun to wriggle a way out of the straight jacket the Cata-Zin created.   Here we see two scientists from the human archaeological settlement wandering in the ruins at dawn.  

Cover image: Eduoma : Thinderin Grove by DMFW with Vue


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