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One of the ancient species in the galaxy, the Cata-Zin were the dominant civilization in the local spiral arm for a period of around three million years, stretching from roughly twelve million to nine million years BCE.   Although theĀ Counter Xarctic Traders were contemporaries of the Cata-Zin they seem reluctant to share their knowledge of that time with the species that have Emerged later and remarkably little is known about the Cata-Zin.   The header image here shows the Cata-Zin ruins at Eduoma.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Syradell and Anti-Syradell by DMFW with Photoshop
  The Syradell is a symbol seen everywhere in Cata-Zin relics and carvings, throughout the galaxy. It is in the shape of an isosceles triangle with the ratio of the height to the width looking roughly two to one. An asymmetric series of broad ridges make a complex chevron relief, broken by two hollow circles.   In the Anti-Syradell, left and right hand sides are transposed and the hollow circles are shifted towards the apex of the triangle. This is a more rarely seen pattern dating from the final days of the Cata-Zin just prior to their extinction.


Cata-Zin ruins extend over a region much larger than the Bubble, though not quite so extensive as the Empire of the Cold Orbit   They are known to have constructed the twin Cathedral Moons of Eduoma and Issulon.   Their civilisation and species were both ultimately destroyed in an existential crisis and conflict known as the Cata-Zin Catastrophe.

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Cover image: Eduoma : Amongst the Cata-Zin Ruins by DMFW with Vue


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