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Cold Orbiters

The Empire of the Cold Orbit, was ruled according to legend by the ancient species of the Cold Orbiters. They controlled an exceptionally large region of the galaxy, mostly along its rimward edges, between roughly thirty five and thirty million years BCE. The extended presence of the CESPI provides indirect evidence for their existence but no primary source material remains from the time of their reputed dominance.   The Cold Orbiters are said to have been scaly creatures of enormous size with a reptilian appearance. There are occasional cults which glorify the might of the Empire amongst the CESPI and there are other stories, passed down from the species that were their ancient enemies, which tell us that they were exceptionally cruel and deeply feared by their foes and subjects alike.   Myths passed down in accounts of the ancient races, tell us that the Cold Orbiters overcame three great foes as they imposed their rule, the Nothing Creatures, the Corrosion and the Wardens Of The Dark. In their last days, they faced a secretly built alliance led by the Wardens Of The Dark and enlisting all that remained of the other two species. This combined force, known as the Remorseless, destroyed almost all of the Cold Orbiters, though some may have been exiled to another dimension.   The Remorseless then fell to fighting amongst themselves and within a million years of the fall of the Empire of the Cold Orbit, all four species were extinct.

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