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The Querequian Fall

The Querequian Fall is the name given by the society of contemporary races to the wider galactic area within which the Bubble is embedded. The Bubble lies at the anti-spinward and rimward boundary of this zone, where it borders the Barren Reaches. The system of Querequia lies at the centre of the region, some 650 light years from Earth and it extends for a similar distance, further to spinward. Radially, it is about 700 light years from the rim to core boundary and it rises to the roof and sinks to the floor of the spiral arm.   The Querequian Fall covers the zone within which the Querequian Cultures once operated, between roughly 7 million years BCE and 4 million years BCE, long before the formation of the society of contemporary races.

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Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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