Hequidar System

Hequidar is fifteen light years from the waypoint white dwarf Alanon II on ByRoute 18. It’s an astronomically unremarkable system consiting of an orange K class star, all sunspots and scruffy flares with a ragbag of rubble worlds and comets, plus a couple of medium sized gas giants which are the only primary bodies big enough to have been allocated sequence numbers.   It is best known as the location of the archaeologically important Cata-Zin ruins on the Cathedral moons of Eduoma and Issulon which are here seen orbiting Hequidar I. Thinderin and human study centres have existed on these moons at various times and the Void Church once had a mission to Eduoma but the system has never had an important colony world for any of the modern galactic races.
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Cover image: Hequidar I by DMFW with Terragen


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