Aster II

Aster II is a world slightly smaller than Mars, orbiting in the habitable zone of HD 51534, a G5 type star about 63 light years from Earth in the galactic rimward direction. It has a single large moon called Asterisk with a dynamical relationship to the parent planet not dismilar to that of Earth and Luna. Asterisk is smaller in absolute size than Earth's moon but larger relative to Aster II than Luna is to Earth and orbits closer to the Roche limit.   Aster II was colonised in 2399 during the third dynasty of the Resource Management World Government


Aster II lies within the broad parameters of worlds that can be considered terrestrial. It has a relatively thin, but breathable, atmosphere and a low water content, concentrated in three small landlocked salty oceans. These are known as the three sisters, specifically called in order of decreasing size, the "Olga Sea", the "Maria Sea" and the "Irina Sea".   The twin cities of Gabaline and Jinvo are the most populous settlements on the planet and occupy the opposite ends of Crescent Bay on the Olga Sea. Other settlements cluster round the shores of the seas, in the few places where they are fed by fresh water aquifers and where rain can sometimes fall. The lands beyond are known as "The Big Dry" and are seldom travelled.   Dirigible airships link the seas together and although there are primitive roads that may sometimes be used to cross the deserts, air travel is considered much the safest and most convenient form of transport on the planet.  
Crossing the Big Dry on Aster II by DMFW with Terragen
  The painting below is a local artist's view of the Spine Back Ridge to the north and west of the Irina Sea.  
Aster II - Spine Back Ridge by DMFW with Terragen


  • Aster II : The Three Sisters Seas
    The Three Sisters Seas on Aster II
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Cover image: Crossing the Big Dry on Aster II by DMFW with Terragen


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