The Limitation

The Limitation was an announcement from the Society Of Contemporary Races in 2348 declaring that henceforth human interstellar travel would be confined to a region of space of about 200 light years in radius centred on Earth's sun which came to be known as the Bubble.   At first, human travellers thought it highly unlikely that the borders of such a vast volume of space could be effectively policed. However, those who tried to cross them to enter the Forbidden Regions, never returned and eventually only the extremely foolhardy ventured to try.   One immediate effect of the Limitation was to produce a defensive mindset in response. This gave rise to a change in the leadership of the Resource Management World Government and the formation of the Solar Group.   The exact reason for the Limitation was never declared. It is thought likely, however, that the Society Of Contemporary Races, became alarmed by an engineered mass extinction of native species on Escaloda┬áin 2345. This took place with at least tacit approval from the 2nd dynasty of Earth's Resource Management World Government which was ostensibly committed to protecting alien flora and fauna on colonised worlds.   The Limitation ended at the same time as the Pyrian supernova in 3541. There was no formal announcement and it is believed that the Society Of Contemporary Races may have been rendered technically incapable of maintaining the blockade due to the stellar explosion.   Later information, after the Bubble had burst, showed that the Pthyle were responsible for the maintenance of the human galactic prison and that only their understanding of the advanced technology of Flicker Drive Zonal Restriction had made it possible.

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW with Vue


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