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Flicker Drive Zonal Restriction

Flicker Drive Zonal Restriction is the ultimate application of continuity enforcement fields deployed in a radical manner that does not depend on a specific localised technological device (such as an EM Mine or similar).   This was the technology that enforced the Limitation at the time of the Bubble and it was understood only by the Pthyle, who, it transpired, were the most technologically advanced of the members of the Society Of Contemporary Races.


Flicker Drive Zonal Restriction depends on a deep understanding of the geometry of local space-time and requires the application of "knitting engines" at the site of key black holes which create a galactic scale web of frequency specific, distributed, continuity enforcement fields.   A great deal of preparation is required for the activation of a zonal restriction on the scale that was applied during the Limitation and it is now understood that the Pthyle were almost certainly preparing for the potential application of the Limitation from the moment that humanity achieved emergence and the signature and frequency information of their flicker drives became public information. In this way, they were ready to act quickly even before the Escaloda extinctions gave them a reason to act (or a pretext to act, depending on the political position of the historian).
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Only the Pthyle, amongst the living races in the galaxy, are capable of deploying this technology.
A Flicker Drive Zonal Restriction can only be maintained using mathematical calculations which depend on a precise analysis of the distribution of mass and of meta coordinates within the space time framework where the restriction is to be applied. These calculations fail if there is a significant change in the dimensional environment and cannot quickly be rectified. That is why the Limitation eventually broke down after the Pyrian Supernova of 3540.   In the far distant future, scientists analysing the way that the continuity enforcement field broke down, would gain a new and profound understanding of second harmonic space which would eventually give rise to the superimplicit drive and Generative Starships.

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