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The Querequian Cultures

The name for a series of political and social entities, operating from the planet of Querequia, which held sway over the local region from 7 million years to 4 million years BCE. Mainly governed by a number of variations of democratic theory these cultures were seldom militaristic, focusing more on trade and characterised in many cases by a pedantic legalistic rigour.   The Querequian cultures were usually dominated by one of two contemporaneous intelligent species native to Querequia, now called the Querequian Elders and Youngers, but there were periods when other alien species exercised control. However in all cases, the transfer of power appears to have been achieved without significant conflict and with a continuity that kept Querequia itself at the heart of the lineage. Querequian traditions and values were honoured throughout the period and provide a unifiying theme for the cultures.   The Amnyine passage happened during the time of the Querequian Cultures.   The Querequian Cultures left a great wealth of data concerning their organisation and history, including vast stores of written material and other media. This contrasts with the much less well documented civilisations that preceeded them, such as the Grumm Movement and the Cata-Zin and so historians in the Society Of Contemporary Races usually consider that their ascendency marks the beginning of the "modern" galaxy.   The sector of the galaxy which these closely related cultures once controlled is now known as the Querequian Fall and it includes the Bubble as one part of it. The era of the Querequian Cultures is considered to be something of a golden age, rather in the way that, on a much smaller scale, the great "classical" civilisations of Earth were revered by later cultures that looked back on them through a more chaotic intermediate past. In part this can be explained by the longevity and apparently harmonious nature of the Querequian Cultures, which considered collectively, lasted for much longer than the Society Of Contemporary Races has been in existence. By comparison, the later Extron Community, the Tetratic Empire and the Asamack Response, though undeniably successful in their own way, never achieved the same scope in either geographical extent, variety of species subsumed or sheer age as the Querequian Cultures did. None of these carry the same aura of idealised, heterogenious and effective government which many in the Society Of Contemporary Races still look upon for inspiration.

7 million BCE - 4 million BCE

Government, Leadership

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