Light Guards

The Light Guards are a thinderin religious order concerned with the spiritual and temporal management of the amnyine temple of chromatic enlightenment on Silusia Alpha.   Their primary purpose is the stewardship of the temple and the ritual needs of the pilgrims who visit it, but they are also a military organisation in their traditions and origin and they stand ready to defend the temple from any that would threaten to defile it.   In this image, we see a member of the light guards standing before the melding minster at the apex of the temple of chromatic enlightenment on Silusia Alpha at sunset. The seedling carries a kinetic flame rifle and wears a metal skirt with energy shielding booster interlocks.  


The leadership of the Light Guards meet at the Council of Roots in a thinderin grove known locally as the High Grove, that sits just below the melding minster at the top of the hill housing the temple of chromatic enlightenment.


The Light Guards belong to a particular section of thinderin society which is known to place great significance on the use of so called "life decks", personal stacks of cards which they use to guide their actions in ritual ceremonies and games.


The Light Guards are now considered an honoured part of the society of the Greater Thinderin Forest, but originally they came from a rebel group of quaternary speakers, fleeing from a conflict between a seeker clan known as the Drummers and a political faction called the Shadow Song Tendency. Their ancestors settled on Silusia Alpha in 22480 BCE in contravention of the accepted rules and practices of the Society Of Contemporary Races which forbade interaction with native species that had a level of culture sufficient to support writing. At this time the bilachai were undergoing a cultural renaissance and should have been left alone.   Although there was a possiblity that the exiles would be violently ejected, either by the Drummers or the Shadow Song Tendency, or indeed, possibly by Viowdian proxy troops, none of these came to pass. The exiles lived in harmony with the natives in small enclaves. Only when bilachi civilization collapsed for unrelated reasons did they form the Light Guards, moving to occupy and protect the temple in 17955 BCE.   The Light Guards are by far the most important of the remaining thinderin residents of Silusia Alpha, although there are small groves still scattered all over the planet and seedlings can be found in most of the major cities.
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Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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