Civilisation Two {Silusia Alpha}

The catastrophic collapse of Civilisation One proved to be a major set back in the further development of organised bilachai society and was followed by a very long age when there were no central structures of government and no significant developments in arts, sciences or communal life. Surviving bilachai lived in small family groups, often widely separated and avoided close contact, firstly for fear of the green death and later out of an inherited reluctance to co-operate which took more than a million years to break down, during which time evolution had also made further minor changes to their minds and bodies.   The first groups that came to be known as Civilisation Two, arose some time around nine hundred and eighty thousand years BCE. Civilisation Two, was more successful and longer lasting than its predecessor. It also, occupied the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment and is known to have restarted chromatic meditations.   Civilisation Two went through a vaiety of forms lasting more than twenty thousand years, and has left a long and complex legacy of writing for modern historians to unravel, but it was eventually destroyed by an unfortunate cometary impact which struck in the region now known as Great Gethan Bay.

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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