Civilisation Three {Silusia Alpha}

The third of the planetary level civilisations of the bilachai to govern their native system of Silusia Alpha was officially founded in 24102 BCE and lasted until 17972 BCE following a civil war that left long lasting poisoning in the seas.   Civilisation Three is much better known and understood by historians than the two that came before it. This is in part because its demise is a much more recent event and also due to the fact that there were thinderin observers present on the planet who have retained their own record of events.   Thinderin exiles from the Third Forest Fire came seeking sanctuary in 22480 BCE and were granted settlement rights on the continents of Haralab and Seldamar.   Civilisation Three had a sophisticted understanding of the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment and it was deeply embedded in their culture. However, unlike Civilisations, One, Two and Four, it was predominantly a deep tendency society with relatively few land based settlements.   Several ruins survive from the age of Civilisation Three, with the best preserved being the abandoned capital city of Al'Loffin which sits on the continental shelf close to the west coast of North Seldamar.   The internal struggles which ultimately destroyed this iteration of bilachai governance, culminated in the release of doomsday enviromental weapons into the oceans which were suicidal for the losing fanatics who determined to take everyone down with them. Once again, as at the end of the first and second civilisations, the bilachai were brought to the edge of extinction and this time in a clearly self inflicted way. Even the survivors on land, were unable to use their traditional ocean breeding grounds and lived only by creeating poor surrogate nurseries in fresh water lakes for the three generations it took before the sea waters were cleansed. By this time there was no civilisation left to speak of and a new dark age had begun.

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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