The Third Forest Fire

This is the third and latest conflict to have broken out between factions of the Great Thinderin Forest. It lasted between 22537 BCE and 22461 BCE and was a relatively minor affair compared with the first and second Forest Fires, but it still had important reprecussions.   The major powers in dispute were a Seeker Clan known as the Drummers and a political faction called the Shadow Song Tendency. During this war, the last remaining speakers of the thinderin quaternary language were driven to near extinction as collateral damage. Two groups, fleeing the conflict, settled on Silusia Alpha where, in time, they would assume stewardship of the famous amnyine Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment and become known as the Light Guards, now the last remnants of the speakers of thinderin quaternary.
Conflict Type
Start Date
22537 BCE
Ending Date
22461 BCE

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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