Civilisation Four {Silusia Alpha}

Civilisation Four is the name given to the current flowering of communal intellect and governance on the world of Silusia Alpha which rose to power in 320 BCE.   The culture initially coalesced around thinderin groves on Haralab and Seldamar, with the role of the Light Guards who had taken charge of the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment proving to be pivotal in the early days of the nascent civilisation.   An important empire called the Warenta arose in 202 BCE, occupying part of the region now known as the Sun States. It was this empire which revitalised the North in the days long before the Rain Cities League, and although it collapsed in 293 CE, it left many literary and intellectual legacies to the succeeding bilachai cultures who went on to develop their civilization to the sophisticated levels they reached at the time of the Bubble. The tools of the Warenta salt mothers became treasured antiques and status symbols in the Rain Cities League, often passed from generation to generation.   There has been a continuous line of technological progress and a shared historical tradition dating back to 320 BCE, and so the Warenta and the groups that came after them are all considered to be a part of Civilisation Four with ups and downs which are an order of magnitude less significant than the great dark ages between the numbered Civilisations.   Civilisation Four is unique, not only on Silusia Alpha, but throughout the space known to the Society Of Contemporary Races in consisting of a symbiotic culture, synthesised from two species, alien to one another but living harmoniously in a partnership of equals. Bilachai and thinderin elders, govern cities and groves together. The bilachai are the majority party on most of the planet, but the Light Guards retain the important role of the management of the Temple and are widely credited with restoring order in the relatively short time that elapsed after the demise of Civilisation Three (when compared with the much longer interregnums that followed the end of Civilisations One and Two).

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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