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Azuris Path

This river is a major trade route ran and operated by the Tarrenbrooks.  

Route Operations

As one of the oldest families on the Claw Continent, the Tarrenbrooks' have trade connections far and wide. In addition to operating the trade route, they run La Chiave a Croce with three other families: the Clearsparks, the Silverswords, and the Whispershadows. Any desire to overthrow the Tarrenbrooks in the port-city would cause great upheaval across the Claw Continent.   Once Azuris Path thaws after the cold season, the Tarrenbrooks travel the river with the Clearsparks and Silverswords to make sure the route is safe for the trade season to begin.  

The Tarrenbrooks Trade Route

The route begins in La Chiave a Croce, the next major stop is Broadshore for builder's supplies and Farthorne for magic goods. From here, the trade route enters the Azuris Path. After the river enters the southern ocean, the trade boats and goods are towed back to La Chiave a Croce on trade ships.  
This community of builders is a twin city to Farthorne. The two towns are separated by the river. Broadshore's construction teams built Farthorne University. Its expert craftsmanship has made the supplies and workers from Broadshore highly desirable. People travel to Broadshore to apprentice with Broadshore's workers.
In their working relationship with Broadshore, Farthorne provides access to some of the region's natural building supplies and the University creates useful and unique magic items.
Sullen Swamp
In the last century, the Fungi Coven has distinguished themselves as skilled sorceresses and herbalists who create highly desired tonics, tinctures, and potions, including the only consumable treatment for Manicsight.
Misty Hollow
To have access to the trade route, the Weaver's Guild built a town along the river. For most people observing the town, it's a standard religious town that worships the spider goddess, Malmi. Tucked away from the river in an unknown location, the Weaver's Guild built their western-most base location. Here, they store magic items and have their testing ground.
Traveller's Wood
As the last major trade-town before the forest's edge, Traveller's Wood is the last stop for wood-based building supplies on the trade route. It is also home to a large general store.
The territory of Aquafalls is expansive. There dozens of farms that grow crops for their spinners and weavers to create premium fabrics. It is also home to the best costume designers on the Claw Continent. Mysura, the mayor of Windfield and Bardway, permits Aquafalls to trade on behalf of the Crafter's Claw.
Golden Meadow
The Den of Papyrus runs and operates the Golden Meadow. The Botanical Gardens flourishes here despite its sandy and dry climate. Due to the town's isolation, the organization's main artifact laboratory operates here.
Still Weaving by Self
Replace Still Weaving with a standard Tarrenbrook trade boat
Tarantellia by Biome
Created by Lauren Nelson (self) on OtherWorldMapper and originally posted on her DeviantArt page.
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Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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