Year 81 of the Tempus Accord

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A world recovering from the wars of ancient empires. Continents were lost beneath the oceans, mountains rose from the depths, and fire rained down for countless years. A few creatures managed to survive through luck, in hidden nooks of the Hollow Earth, in the depths of the ocean or by escaping into magic refuge. Most were either destroyed entirely, or changed beyond recognition.   Now, millenia after the destruction, civilisation slowly returns. But, where previously the sun rose and set and the seasons ebbed and flowed with the years, now one side of the world always faces the sun, bathed in scorching rays, while the other is frozen in eternal night.   Between the ravages of the molten Sunside, and the frozen wastes of Shadowside, lies a band of eternal twilight where the forces of the Protectorates, newly returned from their exile in Refuge, struggle to establish a foothold amidst the myriad cultures moulded by the Age of Shadowfire.