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Summercamp 2023 Pledge

Summer Camp Pledge

For this years Summer Camp, I plan to focus on expanding Hallus as it is where I am currently hosting a Campaign. Compared to our primary realm, Ravarus, most of our Realms are barren of content across the WorldAnvil site. I'd love to change this.

Prompt Completion




With this year's first theme being Power, there is no better way to delve into the concept than finally fleshing out the various sources of magic across the Realms of Ravare.
  • Primal - Elemental Magic
  • Glow - Arcane Magic
  • Faith - Soul Magic
  • Noble Souls - Fate-Bending Plot Armor


Most of Hallus could be considered a Weird West setting, perfect to explore themes of Frontier in science and geography.


Having set up the article for the Old Ways, I am very ready to fill Hallus to the brim with haunted factories, living war machines, and so, so many legendary guns.


The First Men of Harenus made sure to install massive towers for communication across almost every realm they have inhabited. This could be a journey into that!

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9 Jun, 2023 19:36

Diamonnnnnnnnnd!!!!! You've got this :D Any particular article templates you're hoping for the most?

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