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Coal is a combustible earthen material primarily created through biomatter compressed in high temperature and high pressure environments. Scholars have often, incorrectly, categorize coal as a hybrid manifestation of Primal Fire, Primal Earth, and Primal Decay. Some socities have learned ways to imbue coal with raw Primal making it burn hotter for longer, reducing the amount needed.


To most creatures, the conditions required to extract coal is extremely dangerous. On the mundane side, coal dust is extremely toxic and ignites easily, leading to cascading disasters throughout the mine. Black mines are often lacking in Primal Air for creatures to breath and flooding is a common occurance in realms with plentiful groundwater such as Ravarus.
On the elemental side, because of the value of coal to the Cabals that take time to create it are not so quick to give it up. It is not uncommon for each coal mine to have a Conduit on hand to calm or destroy the Cabals.


On the Realm of Ash, coal is produced through a complex filteration process known as Volcanic Purging. This form of coal is more poweful and could correctly be considered a form or Primal manifestation.

General Information

Rock, Sedimentary
Rock dust with a hint of sulfur.
Burnt dust.
Dark gray to pitch black.

Black Mines

On the realm of Hallus, the Lady of the Black Mines has the domain of coal. Every piece burned is treated as an act of faith, even to those who worship other Divine.

Contrary to Reality

The major difference from the real-world version of coal is that none of our Realms have existed long enough to have properly created any forms of coal or its byproducts. To work around this, Elemental Cabals have been used in replacement of time in the creation of coal.

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