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King of Mobs Steve Block Brine (a.k.a. Herobrine)

Herobrine was a man who became a demigod back during the Mob War that nearly wiped out the human race. He was born during the Mob War with a destiny to lead the human race to victory. After the war, he was betrayed by the humans. For many centuries since then, he sought to take his revenge against humanity. But eventually, he was challenged by Steve and stopped by the hero, who taught him that humans weren't inherently evil, and that he could protect the world from the forces of darkness.


The Grand Sword.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Two glowing eyes.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Is superhumanly strong, nimble, and agile.

Identifying Characteristics

Glowing white eyes caused by the virus Malrus inflicted onto him.

Physical quirks

Is ambidextrous.

Special abilities

Can create fire balls out of nothing and lob them at his opponents or use them for intimidation; has great strength; can run at blinding speeds; can jump great distances; can teleport his body at will; though long distances and teleporting to different worlds will exhaust him; has even demonstrated to have the power of telepathy when he is powered-up; is capable of separating his soul from his body and possess others; is invulnerable to all forms of damage aside from the Grand Sword and the Hope Bow.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Steve that would become Herobrine was originally created during the Mob War from the source code of the original Steve to protect humanity during the Enderdragon's invasion of the Overworld. He created the Four Horsemen of Minecraftia as well as the Grand Sword, the first diamond sword to be crafted, and led the horsemen and humans into battle, with the soldiers belonging to one of four groups: the Warriors, who would face the monsters on battlefield, the Griefers, who would plant traps around areas where the mobs traveled and thrived, the Architects, who would build strongholds for the soldiers to reside in before battle as well as protective fortifications aroudn settlements, and the Redstone Engineers, who would engineer redstone systems to build up resources. Then, Steve himself took on the beast that stood at the head of this war-the Enderdragon. At the end of the war, the beast was defeated, and mankind returned to peaceful times.   Steve was hailed a hero, to the point that Hero become synonymous with his own name. But many years later, Steve saw how destructive mankind was to the world, all the warriors that performed their training on animals, griefers that lived for thrill and played with tnt, causing craters across the surface of the world, and the architects and engineers that mined at the world to gather resources for their needs. When he tried to convince the king, who had feared the demigod's power, that this destructive path wasn't good for the world, he was exiled.   Years after, an demonic entity appeared before him and attacked him out of nowhere. It was Malrus, an evil being that had the intention of destroying the Minecraft world, and he saw Steve as a direct threat to his plans. But Steve learned that he was able to steal some of the entity's powers for reasons outside of his understanding during the struggle. At the end, the two were weak, but Steve, knowing how dangerous this being was to the world, used the powers he had stolen from Malrus to open a gap in the world and cast Malrus through into the Void, where he would be trapped for hundreds of years. He would continue to be afflicted by Malrus's virus from then on.   News of his newfound powers spread across the kingdom, despite him having been exiled, and he became known as Herobrine, and the king ordered for a hero to kill him. A hero rose up and took on the noble cause and sought out the menace. After years, the two met and fought in a battle before the man emerged victorious. He returned to the kingdom and was revered as the Great Hero.   Herobrine was resurrected hundreds of years later by the king of Diamond Kingdom, lacking any memories of his previous life. The king had sought to use him in his campaign to conquer the Overworld. But the king fell, and Herobrine was challenged by the Notchborn warrior, Keen. Both sides confident in their own power, Herobrine and Keen fought each other, but Keen had the Spirit of Hope, and through its power, he was able to force Herobrine to submit. Herobrine fled into the Nether, knowing he could not defeat Keen. With the fear of a second encounter with the warrior, he awaited within the Nether, building the new Four Horsemen and his forces and biding his time, awaiting for when he believed Keen was no longer alive.   Over a hundred years later, he eventually became aware of Steve, the new hero chosen by Notch, and kept a close eye on him. Once he headed off to the End to recruit the enderdragon to his side, he was challenged and nearly killed by Steve, who wielded the Grand Sword. With the help of the dragon, however, Herobrine managed to knock Steve off the End island and into the Void. And so, Herobrine returned to the Overworld, and learned of an all-powerful machine called the Command Block that existed in the Far Lands. Not wanting to take any chances of losing, Herobrine set off for the Far Lands, and after a long journey, found and obtained the block. He then discovered that Steve had lived and returned from the Void and had arrived with his friends to challenge them. Herobrine used the Command Block to bring Steve to the edge of death. He also used the Command Block to force Notch to physically manifest before them, and then merged himself with Notch, and used it again to open a portal to Earth, where he and his forces invaded Stockholm with a powerful mob army in an effort to get to Mojang's headquarters.   After an unsuccessful invasion raid, Herobrine's remaining horsemen were defeated, and he teleported Steve and Alexandra away to a remote location where their final battle would take place. He revealed his true motives for attempting to bring about the genocide of humanity to the heroes. He revealed that the negative emotions created by humans empowered the evil god of chaos, Null, and that in order to prevent his rise, humanity had to be destroyed. After an intense battle, Herobrine was defeated, but Steve chose not to land the finishing blow and instead gave Herobrine a chance to redeem himself. Everyone returned to Minecraftia, and Herobrine went off to do soul-searching. During the course of four years, he unlocked the remaining memories of his past life and came to the revelation that he was the first hero to fight against Malrus and had created the Grand Sword.   Eventually, Herobrine appeared to aid Steve by using his powers to take on the Ender Fury at the last moment, buying Steve enough time to chase Entity 303 into the End and challenge him and Null, who ended up betraying Entity 303 and sealing him within the Command Block. Steve fought Null on his own, but would then be distraught as Null destroyed the Grand Sword. Before Null could kill Steve, Herobrine entered the End to confront and distract Null as Steve recovered, informing Steve that the sword wasn't necessary to defeat Null. Herobrine fought, but then is quickly defeated by Null, who tortured him before Steve once more stood against Null, filled with hope and determination to defeat the evil god, Null's attacks no longer harming him. In a fit of rage, Null began to manipulate the world's programming and started to erase the two from existence, but Herobrine sacrificed himself by destroying his physical body and possessing Null with his soul, demanding for Steve to shoot them with the Hope Bow. Steve reluctantly did, and Herobrine's spirit kept Null from escaping the spectral arrow as the two are destroyed by the light.   Steve, believing that Herobrine had redeemed himself, stored Herobrine's essence within the reformed Grand Sword to become the guardian of the blade and ensure no one he deemed as unworthy could wield it.   Herobrine goes on to test David to ensure he is worthy of wielding the Grand Sword. He also gains a special connection with him and guides David into breaking out of his coma.   Herobrine tests Julian, Senza of the Classic Timeline, Henry of the Classic Timeline, Hudson of the Classic Timeline, Tulis of the Classic Timeline, Jaiden of the Classic Timeline, Marin of the Altered Timeline, and Louis of the Altered Timeline to ensure they are worthy of wielding the Grand Sword.   In an alternate timeline where Steve fails to escape the Void, Herobrine becomes Primal King Herobrine and later, Brine. His fate is followed through on those pages.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Managed to defeat the enderdragon as a human without powers; worked with Steve to defeat Null.

Failures & Embarrassments

Was defeated by Keen, who didn't have the Grand Sword and was even able to overpower him through brute strength.

Morality & Philosophy

Only hates human politicians, but seeks to kill all humans to keep Null from rising.


Refuses to harm children.

Personality Characteristics


To stop Null from rising and destroying the world.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Loyalty and nobility and sees them as the best aspects of humans. Dislikes: Factors that he can't plan for, when his plans fall apart. Human politicians.

Virtues & Personality perks

Is very quick with reflexes; is able to learn about his opponents in battle faster than not and even faster than the average human, knows all kinds of martial art techniques.

Vices & Personality flaws

Angered when he doesn't have the upper hand. Often sees the hero as lesser to him and therefore doesn't usually take appropriate measures to stop them in time.

Personality Quirks

Eyes change from glowing white to glowing red when he is furious, an aesthetic change caused from him battling Malrus, who has glowing red eyes.


Religious Views

Eventually saw the Creator, Notch, as a god that had failed his people before he realized that Notch had done one good thing by creating the new Steve.



Anti-Villain (Important)

Towards Steve




Hero (Important)

Towards Herobrine



Relationship Reasoning

After Steve had learned Herobrine's true motive, he came to respect him. He does not see Herobrine as a hero because of how Herobrine went about trying to stop Null by killing innocents, but he recognizes that Herobrine is not a true villain. Herobrine had come to respect Steve after seeing his heroic heart. He saw humanity's best traits within the hero, and as a result, he sees Steve as an equal in their final battle.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

To protect the Overworld from Null.


Ultimate Villain (Trivial)

Towards Herobrine





Towards Null



Hero (Trivial)

Towards Herobrine




Anti-Villain (Trivial)

Towards Alex



Primal King Herobrine

Reunified Herobrine

Towards Herobrine



AI Form

Towards Primal King Herobrine


Legal Status

It's complicated.


Evil Monster

Towards Herobrine




Towards Malrus


Relationship Reasoning

Herobrine and Entity 303 have opposing views and goals. Herobrine desires a world at peace, while Entity 303 wants to destroy the world. Entity 303 saw Herobrine as a threat to his goals and went on the attack and Herobrine ended up stealing enough of his powers to seal him within the Void.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Guardian of the Sword
252 685
Circumstances of Death
Sacrificed himself to keep Null trapped and vulnerable to the Hope Bow
Current Residence
Pure white glowing eyes with no pupils.
Dark brown hair
Quotes & Catchphrases
Only I can and will save Minecraftia!
— Herobrine when challenging Steve in their final battle
I have come to realize that it is through working together that humans have come so far. Without their unity, they would have long fallen to the dark ones.
— Herobrine reminiscing about what he has learned after his interactions with Steve
I used to believe that humans were cowards. That they were evil and selfish and thought only of themselves. But it was through that boy, that Steve... that I realized that humans are more complicated than to be described as good or evil. There are many good ones, and many bad ones, and there are many that are somewhere in between. But that Steve, he is a good human.
— Herobrine after his invasion of Stockholm had failed and he had returned to Minecraftia
There was a time when I thought the only solution to stopping the forces of darkness would be to commit an act so unforgivable that it made me the villain in the eyes of countless. As much as I regret it, I had once intended to inflict genocide upon humanity, but that all changed when one boy-no... one hero named Steve, appeared and taught me that there was a different solution.
— Herobrine, the Guardian of the Grand Sword, remembering his past as he spoke to David.
Known Languages
Minecraftian English, Swedish.
Character Prototype
Is in some ways inspired by Vegeta from Dragonball.

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19 Apr, 2022 23:24

I'm enjoying the character archetype you've created for Herobrine. He's not a bad guy, but he's done some questionable things in the past---and some soul searching. And by the way, your writing is getting cleaner.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
20 Apr, 2022 18:06

Thank you very much. Herobrine has gone through a lot of rewrites through the history of my story while I was still trying to decide on what kind of character I wanted him to be. Eventually I settled on a rival-type character to the protagonist, Steve, and is deeply impacted by how he was wronged in the past by humans, and then learns as much, if not then even more from the protagonist as the protagonist does from them. Herobrine in the way he is depicted in my story is probably my favorite antagonist.