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Notchborn Warrior Keen Rise Fallpost

Keen is a hero-turned-villain from the early years of the Era of Conflict.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Physically unmatched by any other mortal in strength. Wields the Spirit of Hope. If sufficiently angered, he is powerful enough to shrug off most damage in his rage. Has the ability to respawn over time upon his death.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Note: This article is currently incomplete. It will have more content when it is created and added.   Keen initially began as a man who kept to himself, until he met a baby girl abandoned by her parents and chose to take care of her, naming her Hazel. As the Diamond War broke out across the Overworld, he and Hazel experienced many injustices inflicted by the militaries of the world. Eventually, Hazel is killed, and Keen, overcome with hate towards the war and the people a part of it, takes it upon himself to force the four nations to submit and end the war. Even when Herobrine was resurrected and walked the world for the first time in centuries, Keen forced him to respect his power, and conquered the Diamond and Grifter Faction, proclaiming himself as the king of the Diamond faction. He would dedicate the resources at his disposal to inflict his ideal form of justice upon those he felt were responsible for Hazel's death, of which were many including his own citizens of the Diamond faction.   One day, Keen was out on a walk when a Giant attacked him. Keen fought with everything he could, but was defeated and killed, vowing revenge on the people of the Overworld.   Keen would eventually respawn within the Nether in the final years of the Era of Conflict as a part of the Notchborn Prophecy. He would start the Desolation War, a war between the Nether and the Overworld, and be challenged by Steve, who managed to defeat him and seal his spirit away.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Managed to force Herobrine to submit to his physical power, a feat that no other man could accomplish, and scare Herobrine into isolating himself within the Nether for over a century in fear of a second confrontation with him. Put an end to the Diamond War through brute force and power.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to protect Hazel, leading to her death. He would never forgive himself for this.

Mental Trauma

Suffers from heavy PTSD from his time on the battlefield. Repeatedly blames himself for Hazel's demise.


Will go out of his way to protect children.

Personality Characteristics


To bring the suffering dealt to Hazel upon the world.


Family Ties

Is the son of Notch, having been crafted by the creation deity. Was the adoptive parent of Hazel before she died.
Divine Classification
Current Status
Attempting to conquer the world.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Skullcrusher/Destroyer of Armies.
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Was slain by a Giant in his first life; Defeated by Steve in his second.
Golden yellow
Character Prototype
Inspired by the Dragonborn from The Elder Scrolls, Kratos from God of War, Brad Armstrong from Lisa: The Painful, and Heracles from Greek mythos.
While Keen wields the power of the Spirit of Hope, the version he wields is a primitive version, and is directly fueled by his rage as a result, compared to the finalized version that is fueled by the user's hidden xp bar. This causes him to become hateful over time.
Keen is considered by Notch to be a failure compared to what he had wanted him to be, especially compared to his first spawn, Princess Miranda. Going forward, Notch would be more selective with desired traits of the non-Steve heroes he would craft in order to have them not end up like Keen.

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Please Login in order to comment!
14 Jun, 2022 05:57

I like the concept of the negative character arch. I have a character that had a chance to turn things around but continued on the path of madness. I used Captain Ahab as a model---I wanted obsession to be a driving factor for all of his actions.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
14 Jun, 2022 09:39

Sometimes a character just doesn't want to be redeemed. Sometimes they are just too far gone to be able to pull themselves out, even when they are given the chance.

14 Jun, 2022 18:45

I know what you mean. There are family members I have that are like that---totally given up on life because they figure, 'never try, never fail.' And wonder why life is so miserable. Keep at it, there's nothing better than a great negative character arc.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger