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Basic Information


Humans typically have two physical design layers. Their bottom layer is their nude bodies, while their top layer is their clothes and hair. Occasionally, the top layer will have a hat or article of clothing instead, in which the character's hair will become part of a third layer that is in between the first and second layer. Humans are able to take their clothes off through their minds, but must keep focused on keeping the second layer in their minds, otherwise they could lose the second layer and be forced to deal with life without clothes until their next growth spurt spawns a new second layer of clothes. Humans often counter this mistake by wearing leather armor as placeholder clothes, although as certain subspecies reside in places or even worlds where leather is unavailable, they have no way to counter this and must tough it out until the next growth spurt. In the event that a fully-grown adult loses their clothes, their second layer will still respawn on the same date as their last growth spurt had occurred for them.   Humans also have a physical point of interaction with their inventories located behind their backs, and reach into their inventories by bringing their arm to the interaction point. They then envision the inventory within their mind before performing the desired action.   Despite not having genitals, males still have a significant weak spot programmed onto their crotch area that can stun them if struck there. This is a feature added by Notch because it amused him. There is also a slightly-less sensitive weak spot programmed onto the chest area of females, likely a reference to the breasts of women from Notch’s physical-world counterpart, Markus Persson's world, which the females in Minecraftia do not have.

Genetics and Reproduction

As Minecraftian humans lack genitals and body parts that exist for human reproduction and offspring nurturing that physical-world humans possess, their process of reproduction is different. There is no process of fertilization by male humans, nor period of pregnancy among female humans. When a male and a female human choose to have a child, there is an internal lock in their programming that is undone. In order for them to be able to spawn a child, both humans' internal locks must be lifted. This lock can only be lifted by the individual when their willingness meter is maxed out. The two humans then engage in intense contact with their lips for a prolonged period of time as they are surrounded by heart particles. During this time, the server takes data from the two and compiles it, and within minutes a child is spawned between them. This process of reproduction is reminiscent of the process within the base game of Minecraft itself.

Growth Rate & Stages

An infant child starts out at half the size of a standard block(8 textural pixels) and grows by two textural pixels each year, slowing down to one pixel per year once they reach three years of age. Most stop growing in height by the age of twenty and end at roughly two blocks tall. Their clothes will change each time they grow, and what design the clothes will change into is based on an algorithm that focuses on what state of mind, the personality, any possible passion projects, and the intellectual level of the individual. There is a period of change to sexual maturity that begins on average between the ages of 12 and 14 in teenagers and ends between the ages of 16 and 20, known as puberty.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans are a generalist species and can thrive in almost any environment, even the harsh Nether and End dimensions.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Humans feed on both meat and plants, and throughout the generations have found ways to cultivate farms to grow animals and plants and create new kinds of food to satisfy their needs.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Humans use an artificial intelligence interface that makes them around as intelligent as humans during the medieval age in the physical world.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Humans have extraordinary vision in comparison to many of the creatures in Minecraftia, with many subspecies being able to see up to 300 blocks away and process entities within 150 blocks. They are also capable of seeing through glass and other transparent blocks, a trait that is almost completely unique to them. Some subspecies sacrifice their superior sight for other enhanced senses. The Karo, who live in the Nether, have relatively bad eyesight-able to only see up to 200 blocks away and process entities within 100 blocks, but have enhanced sense of touch, smell, and taste. The Rened, who reside within the End, lack much of the eyesight capabilities of other humans-only able to see up to 150 blocks away and process entities within 75 blocks, but have significantly more sensitive hearing. Testificates have the second worst eyesight of all human subspecies-only able to see up to 100 blocks and process entities within 50 blocks, but have unparalleled sense of smell and taste. The subspecies with the worst eyesight would be the Lurken, only able to see up to 50 blocks and process entities within 25 blocks. They have incredibly well-developed sense of touch and hearing to make up for this.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

In most cultures, when couples have a child, they will decide their last name based on the last names of the parents. As most last names are constructed from two words put together, the first half of one last name and the last half of the other will be put together. Example: Louis Stronggrass x Melissa Icetorch will have a last name that is either Strongtorch or Icegrass. Which one is decided by the parents.


Throughout the world's history, there have been three different waves of humans, referred to by generations. The first generation of humans were created to serve as an experiment by Notch to see what would happen if he inserted intelligent AI into a Minecraft world. They consist of the Ancient Builders, the Lurken, and the Karo. The first generation had many liberties within the game, able to craft virtually any kind of item into existence. Further curiosity had Notch allow the second generation of humans, the subspecies that were the Testificates, to spawn into the world with the consideration of having them replace the first generation. The two ended up coexisting and Notch chose to allow them to remain, until he became tired from the server breaking due to how much data the first generation had required with their many freedoms causing a strain on the server. He removed the first generation of humans and added in the third and final generation of humans, a version of humans that lacked many of the freedoms that the original humans possessed. The third generation would go on to enslave and eventually drive the Testificates to extinction. Several hundreds of years later, the Testificates would reemerge and repopulate the world as they and the third generation humans began to coexist. The third generation would go on to have the Sapia, the Rened, the Huolians, the Builders, the Diamonders, the Grifters, the Redstoners, and the Illagers.
Collectively across all species, human lifespan is on average 69 years.
Average Height
The average adult male is typically around 32 textural pixels tall, while the average adult female is typically around 30 pixels tall.
Related Technologies
Miscellaneous facts that do not belong in any specific category:   Humans do possess organs, although these have little to no actual purpose outside of a storytelling narrative. They are largely aesthetic and use up very little data. Humans do not technically need to rest in order to survive due to their bodies not needing to rest. The food humans consume is turned into pure energy for their bodies to process and utilize to the fullest. As a result they do not have the capability of excreting waste due to lack of it. Although they can be overwhelmed by it to the point of passing out, humans cannot die directly from overheating. They can die from burning alive though. Upon death, a human typically has a countdown before they despawn. Depending on the cause of death, they can last up to five minutes of in-game time.
Note: Although Illagers are technically humans, both they and a majority of the different races don't acknowledge them as such.


Author's Notes

Even though it is stated that the clothes that a character has is based off an algorithm, one may notice that a lot of artwork for different characters depicts them with very simplistic-often mono-colored-designs. This is purely for convenience for artwork design, as some characters are used in multiple artwork pieces, so it is encouraged that the readers who know of this algorithm do not make significant judgement on a character based off their clothing alone.

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