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The Blockbuster is a massive mechanical suit designed to be controlled by one person. It stands at a height of 53 blocks tall, allowing it to tower above even giants. It has the power to launch arrows, tnt, water, or lava from its cannons, which are positioned in its hands, along its shoulders, and in its abdomen.


The Blockbuster is designed to be used in intense warfare, mainly to conquer entire cities. It was used primarily in the Purge War against Beacon City, but was destroyed before it could reach the city by Joseph, Andrew, and its controller, Dakirus.   The Blockbuster made a reappearance under Coven's control and was used to attack the rebel-controlled town of Breyza, which was the primary rebel base. It was destroyed during the fight by many iron golems as well as ravagers once the pillagers joined the conflict.
Was built through forced labor by redstone engineers.
Access & Availability
A hidden secret by the government.
Requires much redstone, many slime blocks, pistons, sticky pistons, dispensers, and a lot of obsidian to build one.
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