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Purge War

A war that broke out between the human and illager race for dominance over the Overworld.

The Conflict


The events that foreshadowed the Purge War was the constant aggression of the Illagers towards the humans upon the death of King Harris, violating their peace treaties and widespread anti-human propaganda. After having worked his way up as a reliable asset to the illagers, Lucian would take full control of the Purge Society when he had most of the members of their high council executed in a coup.

The Engagement

The Diamond Empire would be subjected to a mass-sabotage by the illagers that would have the illagers disguised by evokers to appear as humans infiltrate their ranks and silently kill off targets within the kingdom, effectively crippling the military superpower. During this operation, the elite royal guard of the royal family would be infiltrated and the Queen would be abducted. This would be kept silent by the government of the empire for years until the Diamond Empire found it irrefutable that the Purge Society had been behind the plot and declared war against the Purge Society. The Purge Society would respond with an attack on Toffblock Village, decimating the population, followed by attacks on many other villages. The Diamond Empire would then begin to launch attacks against the populace of the Purge Society. Blockfield Village would be attacked by the leader of the illagers, named General Dakirus, who had known that the hero named Joseph Stonefield had resided there. Joseph took his son and fled the village, fighting off their pursuers. Joseph would eventually become a symbol of defiance to the barbaric illagers to the people. The Redstone Union and Builder Empire offered support to the Diamond Empire throughout the war, but with many of its leaders having been killed prior to the war, Diamond Castle fell under heavy waves of the illagers, however it would not be the end of the conflict for the illagers as many resistance movements rose up under their occupation of the territory.   The Purge Society began to invade Redstone Union territory and war was declared against the Purge Society by the Union. The Builder Empire was quick to lend support to the Union. The Union would successfully repel the illagers, who then focused on the Grifter Syndicate. The Syndicate offered support to the Purge Society, welcoming them into their territory to set up fortresses and plan out attacks. The illagers then would launch attacks back onto the Redstone Union, utilizing evokers that wielded vexes to full effect. Within weeks, Red City would crumble under the invasion. Captured redstone engineers would be utilized and forced to build mechanical tools to be used in the war effort. During this time, Lucian would begin the culling of men to put an end to the rebellions within the Diamond and Redstone factions, and countless men would be slaughtered, a necessary step towards fulfilling his master plan.   The illager forces would invade the Builder Empire, although the empire would be well-prepared, having had spent months preparing for the potential invasion by surrounding key cities with obsidian shells. This move would enable imperial forces to have significant defensive advantages over the illagers, who struggled to take any key cities. Having become overconfident in their ability to defeat the Builder Empire, the illager offensive failed to accomplish much, allowing the empire to begin launching attacks of their own. Many of the knights and war veterans of the Evoker Conflict that had fled the Diamond Empire after its fall ended up in the Builder Empire, and were utilized on the Builder offensive as they aimed to free the Redstone Union of illager occupation. After weeks of intense conflict, what remained of Red City was liberated and the Purge Society soon abandoned the Union, bringing as much death and devastation to the nation as possible in the process. A campaign to liberate the resistance movements within the Diamond Empire was made, and within months imperial forces drove the illagers out of the Diamond Empire, who caused as much destruction as they could as they fled.   An attack was soon launched by imperial forces against the Purge Society homeland, one led by Joseph himself, and they faced waves of opposition from the illagers. With the combined forces of the Diamond imperial soldiers, they pushed their way through, destroying pillager outposts and burning down woodland mansions they encountered along the way before finally forcing their way towards the Ill Castle. Upon receiving reinforcements, they began to conquer the homeland of the illagers. General Dakirus utilized a completed mecha suit built by their captured redstone engineers known as the Blockbuster to run across the Overworld in an attempt lay waste to the capital of the Builder Empire, Beacon City. Joseph pursued the general on the back of his horse and managed to bring the machine down before engaging in a fight against the general. He defeated the general and had Dakirus captured by imperial forces as he rushed back to Ill Castle. Joseph confronted the leader of the Purge Society, Lucian, but was ultimately killed by him. Joseph's son, David, confronted Lucian and managed to defeat him, allowing the king to be captured by imperial forces. From then, Ill Castle was captured and the Purge War officially came to an end. Upon the fall of the Ill Castle, illager forces that resided within the Grifter Faction would turn against the Syndicate, and tear down countless settlements. Conflict continued as imperial forces set out to conquer the entirety of the Purge Society, and illagers were captured en masse and enslaved to be put to work in rebuilding the settlements that had been destroyed in the war. Those who continued to resist were executed. Many illagers would self-destruct, believing that Notch had abandoned them.


Diamond Castle was destroyed. Red City was destroyed.


After the war, there were only 1/3 of men remaining due to Lucian's specific targeting of them and refusal to take men as prisoners. The effects of this are devastating as the following generations will be much smaller. As for the Illagers, the sheer amount of casualties they had has taken its toll and they are unable to reorganize for generations and are fully at the mercy of human society. Illagers would be hated for many generations as hateful racism against them would be at its peak post-Purge War.

Historical Significance


The Purge War would be remembered as a defining era of humanity. The Purge Society was on the cusp of enslaving all humans, but ultimately failed. It would be a significant source of racial discrimination between illagers and humans for countless generations.

Technological Advancement

After Red City had been conquered, General Dakirus had ordered the construction of a giant mech in order to conquer the Beacon City-the last city, a mech called the Blockbuster. However, the mech had been destroyed before it could reach Beacon City by Prince Joseph Stonefield.
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Conflict Result
The Purge Society fell apart as well as TN-Town. Neither would recover.



Led by


Led by


Wielded iron axes, magic, crossbows, potions, and had many Ravagers
Iron armor, iron swords, iron axes, shields, bows, enchantments, wolves, iron golems.


90% of all illagers fell.
Roughly 2/3 of all men were killed off, while 1/8 of all women were killed off. Roughly 25% of humans perished.


To dominate the Overworld and enslave humanity.
To destroy the Purge Society.


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