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Sir Joseph Diamond Stonefield

Prince Joseph is the son of the late King Harris. It is through the journeys he makes that he goes from being one of the most hated princes of his time to one of the most beloved.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Very fit and strong, although his strength has begun to fade as his body gets older.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a light blue tank shirt, black pants, and brown shoes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up, Prince Joseph and Prince Lucian were really close. However, when Joseph was eleven, an unknown incident happened to Lucian that caused him to be closed off and outright reject Joseph at times.   When Joseph was seventeen, their father, the King, was killed. The prime suspect of the crime was Lucian, although Joseph continued to defend him, refusing to believe his brother could be responsible for the crime. When undeniable evidence of his brother's involvement came to light, Lucian was brought before the royal court and found guilty of the murder of King Harris and was initially sentenced to execution, but Joseph used a loophole to give himself, the next in line to the throne, the legal right to deny Lucian's execution sentence, instead having his punishment become exile. In return, the Council decided that Joseph no longer had a legal right to the throne, and ordered Joseph to be exiled alongside his brother. Joseph was given no time to grab his belongings as he was forced out of the castle and into the wilderness. The young prince was forced to survive on his own for several days until he came across an old man who had known of the prince's fate.   The old man took Joseph under his wing and guided the prince, helping him to break long-embedded habits of elitism while teaching him how to become a warrior skilled with the blade and fists. His mentor taught him many important lessons to shape Joseph into a selfless warrior. Through the years, the two would save villages from raids by Illagers, and Joseph's name would be spread throughout the kingdom as a hero who fought to protect the citizens.   Seven years after Joseph's exile, he and the old man defended a village from another raid from the Illagers when one of them took the old man by surprise and dealt a finishing strike onto him. In a fit of rage, Joseph wiped out the remaining Illagers, however the one that had defeated his mentor had escaped. He held his master in his arms as the old man passed away and vowed he would avenge him.   Joseph rode his horse in pursuit of the Illager that had fled and found a Woodland Mansion. Joseph made his presence known and drew his weapons as the Illagers fired upon him. He cut through them, fueled by his strong desire to avenge the countless lives the Illagers had taken as he blocked their attacks with his shield. Soon, the skilled Illager warrior that had killed his master appeared atop his Ravager, and began mocking the prince. He revealed that the time of humanity would come to an end, as they had an asset that would ensure the destruction of his people. The two engaged in a fight on their mounts before Joseph knocked the Illager off his mount and delivered a killing blow to the Ravager. Joseph then jumped off his horse and fought with all he had learned from his mentor, landing blow after blow until he managed to cut off the Illager's arm and casting him off the cliff. Joseph looked up at the rising sun as he finally felt he had avenged his master's death. Now lacking a master, Joseph set off in search of more adventures.   Two years later, after many successful exploits, Joseph decided his next target would be to do what no one had successfully done in hundreds of years. He would slay the Enderdragon, knowing that there was a law in the Diamond Kingdom that gave those who had earned the Dragon Egg a special place in Diamond City. This would allow Joseph to be legally allowed back into Diamond Kingdom territory. But knowing that the Enderdragon would not be a monster only one man could fight and live, he set out to build a team of warriors from across the Overworld. He ended up with a team of five, which included George the knight; Elizabeth the tamer; Travis the mercenary; and Jorge the brewer, and the five set out to scour the Overworld of enderpearls and components to build end crystals. They then made their way through the Nether, clearing their way through Nether fortresses as they gathered the necessary blaze rods and ghast tears. The team made many eyes of ender and followed them to the stronghold, where a deactivated portal remained. Filling in the portal frames with the remaining eyes of ender, they watched as the portal to the otherworldly End dimension opened up. Knowing that they either would defeat the Enderdragon or wouldn't be leaving the End, the team jumped through.   Joseph placed the four end crystals atop the bedrock portal, and the crystals revived the obsidian pillars before resurrecting the Enderdragon. The team went to work, taking down the end crystals as the dragon began its campaign of destruction. While most of the team were focused on taking out the crystals, Joseph and George distracted the dragon. Once all the crystals were taken care of, the team attacked the dragon with everything they had and in the end, Joseph landed the final blow, much to the dismay of George. The dragon exploded into xp, and the warriors returned to Minecraftia with the Dragon Egg as heroes. They brought their prize to Diamond City for it to be authenticated, and then the team went their separate ways. While Joseph's exile had come to an end, he chose to continue having adventures and saving the people.   One day after four years, Joseph would meet a woman that he fell in love with in the village of Blockfield, a woman by the name of Maria. The two would flirt with each other as Maria admired the man that Joseph was. They went on to have two kids: Natalia and David.   Years later, Joseph would be found by Mirez, a lorekeeper of the Sapia clan, who would then bring him back to her clan to see if he was a hero of prophecy. The Elder Lorekeeper would deconfirm this, and Joseph would return home.   Thirteen years after settling down, Joseph's daughter, Natalia, went missing. He was distraught about it and searched for her as much as he could, but could not find her.   Three years later, a Wither attacked Blockfield. Joseph fought it off with the village's defensive unit, and during the following city meeting decided that he had to once again go on to bring an end to this threat against the people, to the dismay of Maria. Joseph grabbed his old diamond set and headed out for Diamond City, with plans to have them bring aid to Blockfield and any other settlements the Wither had attacked. He had an unpleasant first encounter with Lucian in years and vowed to bring him to justice if he found out that he had anything to do with the Wither.   When Joseph arrived, he would be reunited with Queen Astrid, his sister, for the first time since his exile and share a heartwarming reunion before he brought to light the conquest of the Wither. Astrid promised aid and a thorough investigation to find the villages that had been besieged by the Wither. Knowing that Blockfield was now in good hands, Joseph was about to set out to find the Wither in the hopes of putting an end to the suffering inflicted by it, when he discovered David, his son, in Diamond City along with David's friends. Shocked to see him, he realized he had to take him home, but David revealed that he knew that Lucian was the cause of the Wither, and that he knew where Lucian's base was, giving him a map. Joseph, refusing to put his son into possible danger after having lost his daughter, sent him and his friends onto a minecart straight back to Blockfield, commending them for going through the effort to deliver this news to him, but specifying how wrong and dangerous it had been. He then left with Jorge, one of his friends from his old team, for the location on David's map, determined to hear the truth from Lucian.   Joseph and Jorge arrived at the base, which they discovered to be a Woodland Mansion. They fought their way through the hordes of Illagers, defeating the magical evokers with their vexes, and worked their way to the roof of the mansion, where he found Lucian. Lucian was disappointed that David had given him the map, but saw this as an opportunity to kill Joseph and end his threat to his plans. Joseph was horrified to learn that Lucian had joined the Illagers and was now actively plotting against their sister for the takeover of the Diamond Kingdom and kept his determination. Lucian called forth the Wither he had built to terrorize the Overworld. Then David and his friends arrived, and Joseph had to focus on keeping the children protected from Lucian as Jorge fought against the Wither. The two ended up switching roles, and Joseph used an enchanted golden apple to give him the strength to overcome the Wither, but was forced to watch as Lucian delivered a fatal blow onto Jorge. David tried to fight Lucian, but was easily overcome, and just as Lucian launched an attack onto David, Emily jumped in the way and took the attack, becoming fatally wounded. Joseph ran to attack Lucian with the rage of a parent, pushing him back until Lucian backed off to the edge of the roof and vowed that he would not be caught by Joseph or the Diamond Kingdom, jumping off the roof. Joseph, now horrified at his brother's suicide, rushed to confirm that his brother had perished from the fall. He then rushed to give medical treatment to Emily, and managed to save her life with his potions of healing, but was too late to save Jorge. His journey to stop the Wither had ended on a sad note, as he had not only lost a good friend, but also his brother, but he headed back home with the kids, gaining a newfound respect for David as a warrior from his courage in braving the odds to reach him and help stop the Wither.   During the years that followed, Joseph would train David to be able to fight better, using some of the teachings of his old mentor and teaching David about his time as a hero.   Four years later, the Purge War began, and Blockfield was one of the first villages to be destroyed, personally overseen by the general of the Purge Society, General Dakirus. Joseph managed to gather David and Emily, and Dakirus threatened to execute his wife, unless Joseph revealed himself. In the intense moment, Joseph chose to stay hidden, and as Maria was executed, he took David and Emily with him to leave the village, and left for Diamond City once more. Along the way, David and Emily were reunited with Andrew.   When Joseph arrived at Diamond City, he was heartbroken to see the devastation that had unfolded in his home city. The city had been largely destroyed, and completely evacuated from the full force of the Illager military. With Diamond City no longer an option, Joseph and the kids left for Beacon City.   Upon arrival, Joseph reached the council of Beacon City, and learned of the Illagers' success in conquering Diamond City, Red City, and TN-Town. Beacon City was the last of the four Cities of Harmony, and the last faction, to avoid being conquered thus far. He learned that the Illagers had begun wiping out the mass populations of people-primarily men that were rebelling against the Illager occupation, in accordance to their beliefs that humans had to be purged. He knew what happened in the coming days would decide the fate of the world. The council believed they had found the location of the supposed Leader X who hid behind General Dakirus as the true mastermind behind the war. And so, Joseph chose to become a symbol to the people, donning his full diamond armor and diamond sword, as he issued a challenge to General Dakirus to a fight to the death. He would lead his son and the remainder of Beacon City's offensive units to Leader X's fortress. They had to fight through hordes of illagers and evokers, but with the best military tacticians in the Diamond Kingdom having directed their forces, they managed to break through the Illager forces and surround the Illagers' base of operations.   Joseph and the unit infiltrated the base, meeting waves of opposition as they went through, losing more and more of their knights to the illagers, but continued to push through. Joseph found Dakirus, who was inside a massive redstone mecha suit, called the Blockbuster, built by captured redstone geniuses, and challenged him, but Dakirus was set on reaching Beacon City. Realizing just how bad it could be if Dakirus reached the city, Joseph left the invasion in pursuit of Dakirus on the back of his horse. He searched for a way to destroy the mecha suit, but with no luck, as the suit was made of obsidian, and Dakirus was protected from his arrows by glass. He then found Andrew, David's friend, holding on to the back of his horse and tried to get him off the horse, but Andrew wanted to help him by climbing into the machine and destroying it from the inside. Desperate and out of options, Joseph accepted Andrew's proposal and got him close enough to climb his small body into one of the gaps in the armor of the machine. From there, Andrew climbed his way through the machine to get to work-breaking as many redstone connections as he could before Dakirus noticed and tried slamming the Blockbuster's body around to crush Andrew as he drove the machine closer to the city, now within sight. Joseph tossed TNT to keep the Blockbuster's movements unstable, and Andrew finally destroyed enough of the circuitry for the Blockbuster to malfunction. Dakirus, enraged at being stopped, initiated the self-destruct sequence for the Blockbuster and then was ejected from the machine as it exploded with Andrew still inside, much to the horror of Joseph.   Joseph met with General Dakirus with fury, determined to fight for his wife and for Andrew, and all the people who were dead because of the general. The general revealed his weapon to be a unique combination of a sword, staff, and an axe built specifically to kill knights like himself. Joseph fought against Dakirus in a brutal match, with the two trading powerful blows against each other's armored bodies. Joseph couldn't rely on his strength, as Dakirus's weapon gave him the power advantage, and so he relied on his reflexes and tools to overcome the general. He landed a finishing strike onto the head of the general, and the blow split the general's helmet apart to reveal their true identity. Joseph was horrified to discover that the one who had been responsible for the conquest and the deaths of so many including his wife was none other than his own sister, Astrid, the Queen of Diamond Kingdom, who had managed to disguise her identity with help from the helmet that altered her voice.   Astrid held no semblance of her original self and was bent on killing Joseph, but she was defeated, and Joseph forced her to tell him what had happened to her. She revealed that she had been captured by the Illagers two years before, and imprisoned by the man Joseph thought had been dead-Lucian, and he turned her into Dakirus, his mindless slave that would bring an end to the blight of humanity. Realizing that he had just sent his son straight into Lucian's hands, Joseph brought Astrid into custody and ordered them to search the hollowed shell of the Blockbuster for Andrew as he rushed back to the base.   As Joseph arrived at the camp outside the base, he discovered that among the injured was a woman that had been recovered from the base, a woman that he recognized to be his own daughter, Natalia. Joseph was very happy to see his daughter alive after all these years, and had a rushed but heartfelt reunion. Knowing that what would happen when he met Lucian once more would be unpredictable, he had Natalia promise him to take care of David, should the worst happen to him, and then climbed the largely-conquered base.   Joseph reached the throne room of the base and found David, Emily, and Lucian, the latter having injured his son after a fight between the two of them, and was readying to kill the boy when he announced his presence, causing Lucian to cease his attack. Joseph told him that Lucian's plan to conquer the world had failed, and that he was disgusted with the man Lucian had become after having learned the truth of what he had done to their sister. The two fought fiercely, trading blows against their armor. Lucian told him they wouldn't have had to become enemies if he had simply joined him in the first place. Joseph promised him that even though he had done such horrible things, there was always a road to redemption, and that Lucian had to choose to cross it. Joseph managed to knock Lucian to the ground, and he told Lucian that despite all the things he had done, he still couldn't bring himself to kill his brother. He offered his hand and promised him that it wasn't too late to become a good person, causing Lucian to hesitate and genuinely consider accepting his brother's hand. But then, Lucian declared that he had no brother and impaled him in the gut with his trident, causing the great hero to collapse to the ground. Joseph told David not to look at his fallen father as he passed away.   Prince Joseph was remembered widely across the world as someone born into royalty and cared little for the lesser class of people, before he was humbled and became a protector of the people, who defeated the Enderdragon and proved himself a great warrior, who fought to put an end to the Wither and became the symbol of hope to the people in the Purge War, when humanity was on the brink of extinction. In the years following his death, his son would carry his legacy and become an accomplished hero to surpass his deeds, while carrying the memory of his beloved father with him.   Leading up to David's final battle against the Great Evil that would threaten Minecraftia, Joseph's spirit would show up in David's time of need to encourage him and express how proud of his son he is, and that he would give David his power to help him overcome this final battle.




Had spent much of his youth learning from the best in Diamond City, for the possibility of him becoming King.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Avenged his master; entered the End and defeated the Enderdragon; became a parent; defeated the Wither; became the symbol of hope to the people of Minecraftia in their time of need

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to save his master; lost his brother to his struggles, which would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life; lost his daughter.

Intellectual Characteristics

Throughout his many years, he became a very philosophical and thoughtful individual, often questioning his own and others' reasoning for doing what they do.

Morality & Philosophy

After defeating the Enderdragon and having gained worldwide popularity, he came to see fame as more of an hinderance as he desired a humble life away from action.


Refuses to kill his own brother, or anyone else in his family.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Has issues dealing with narcissism, which often come to him encouraging his son to take big risks.


Family Ties

His brother is Lucian, his son is David, his daughter is Natalia, and his wife is Maria.

Hobbies & Pets

Is a weapon enthusiast.



Father (Vital)

Towards David




Son (Vital)

Towards Joseph




Younger Brother

Towards Lucian




Older Brother (Important)

Towards Joseph




As they were growing up, they were very close as brothers. However, when Lucian's mindset changed for the worse, he pushed Joseph away. Joseph always had seen his brother as the big brother he used to play with, but everything changed once Lucian was sentenced for poisoning their father. Joseph sacrificed his own right to the throne to have Lucian exiled instead of executed, and hasn't wanted to speak with Lucian since. When Lucian created the Wither, Joseph suspected he had done so, but Lucian wouldn't confirm or deny it. As Joseph fought against the Wither, Lucian attempted to kill David, his son, and Joseph has never forgiven Lucian for that. Then finally, as David was trying to stop the Purge War by defeating Lucian, he was nearly killed before Joseph could appear and draw Lucian's attention. In a last attempt to save his older brother, he pleaded with him to surrender, but Lucian betrayed him and impaled Joseph, dealing the killing blow.

Relationship Reasoning

Joseph has never condoned Lucian's madman tactics for doing things, but he has always seen Lucian as his brother. He is always trying to help Lucian redeem himself, even when Lucian is not interested in doing so. Lucian views this compassion of Joseph's as a weakness for him to exploit. Lucian does not view Joseph as a brother, but as someone that consistently has stood against his objectives.

Legal Status

It's complicated.



Towards Joseph




Towards Harris


Relationship Reasoning

Joseph sees Harris as a great king who was able to bring an end to the tyranny of the previous king, but doesn't like how he signed the Ardos Concordant with the illagers, believing that the Purge Society would never honor the agreement. He also didn't understand why the king held such a large emphasis on respecting the lower class. King Harris sees much of his younger self in Joseph, but worries about Joseph's sense of entitlement and superiority over the populace.

Lisra Felltome

Daughter of Joseph's guide

Towards Joseph



A knight that her mother brought to the clan

Towards Lisra Felltome



Lisra only met Joseph for a short period of time when he was brought to the clan by her mother. As a result, all that she knew about him were his deeds according to what other people had said about him. On the other hand, Joseph has no particular opinion about Lisra outside of her just being a child.

Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Hero of the Overworld/Slayer of the Enderdragon/The Humble Prince
1281 1332
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Lucian in the Purge War
Diamond City
Place of Death
Ill Castle
Lucian (Older Brother)
Dark green eyes
Short light brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
You see, son? A hero isn't a hero because they're strong or fast or brave. They're a hero because they inspire others to find courage within themselves.
— Joseph, teaching David about what it means to be a hero.
Over my many adventures, I've come to learn that the world isn't as black and white as I once thought. There are many layers to it. Good and evil, the line tends to blur over time.
— Joseph teaching his son the complications of being a hero.
I couldn't be prouder of you, David. You... you became a real man, and a true knight. Raise your sword to the sky, and you will carry my love as you become the hero to defeat the monster. Go forth, my son...
— Joseph's spirit encouraging David during the final fight against Null.
Character Prototype
Is based on the hero from the music video series Fallen Kingdom.
Joseph is one of the few instances of a person's spirit being tagged to persist after death without being a chosen knight or servant of the Creator or Patron. The reason for this is unknown.


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