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Diamonders is the name for the people who reside within the Diamond faction. They have a reputation of being aggressive compared to the other ethnicities, a stereotype that is true for many, as violence is woven into their programming as much as honor as they typically settle their differences over duels or competitions. Unless angered, a Diamonder doesn't usually take it far enough for death, though there are sects that believe to let a defeated foe live is dishonorable. Some Diamonders even take pride in their violent stereotype, even finding humor in knowing that people fear them for being capable warriors.


Funerary and Memorial customs

Everything that was in the deceased's inventory is buried.


Beauty Ideals

Men and women who demonstrate the ability to hold their own are considered to be attractive.

Gender Ideals

There are many that continue to uphold the ancient tradition of the man being in charge of gaining income while the woman takes care of the family and stays at home. However, in some cases it is reversed, although the man is seen as weak if he is unable to provide for his family.

Courtship Ideals

Typically, it is the man that must propose to the woman. This rule doesn't apply to same-sex couples for obvious reasons, although same-sex relationships are disencouraged by some sects. All proposals require a diamond.
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