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Huolians (Hue oh lee ans)

The Huolians are a race of humans. They have lived on the island archipelago of Huola for generations. They are a very religious society and worship a god of the sun and a goddess of the sea. Each island in the archipelago is typically dozens of chunks large, and is run by a tribe leader of its own. They live life socializing with each other and working, completely unaware of the existence of a mainland that is Minecraftia, believing there to be nothing but ocean beyond the horizon. It is believed that a king that will unite all the islands will be born of the goddess of the sea and will bring the Huolians to the Promised Lands, a task in which the Hero of the Sea, Hokuikekai, fulfills.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Family names are often created by merging the last name of the two parents together. For example, a man with the last name Fishbone and a woman with the last name Turtlescute would end up with the family name of Turtlebone.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Huolians worship the goddess of the sea, Searia, as well as the god of the sun, Heleolis.

Common Dress code

Due to living on an island, Huolians typically wear clothes that resemble leaf blocks, wheat, and leather.

Art & Architecture

The Huolians are typically known for their culture, and their pottery is covered in depictions of past events on the islands, as well as religious beings.

Coming of Age Rites

For boys, when it is time for one to age into maturity and become a man, they must tame a dolphin and work with the dolphin to swim around the seven islands of Huola in a single day. This is often difficult due to many points of the main route being common spawning ground for Drowneds.   For girls, they must go into the nearest forest and search for various items to bring back into the village at night.

Common Myths and Legends

The Huolians have many myths and legends they believe in. One of such details how Phantoms originally lived in the sea and hunted islanders that swam out to sea. They then changed to live in the sky when the islanders stopped swimming to hunt more easily.

Historical figures

The ancestors of the Huolians are the refugees that made it to the islands to escape a great war known as the Diamond War. They bore children on the islands, and began to populate them. They would be revered as people blessed by the goddess of the sea.


Beauty Ideals

Women with long, dark hair are typically seen as very attractive while men that look like the island leader are seen as very attractive.

Courtship Ideals

Children born under the tribe leader as well as rich families are often set up to have arranged marriages that they will participate in once they are of mature age.

Relationship Ideals

When a couple is married, the man is typically the one to handle working and making money while the woman takes care of everything at home.

Major organizations

Each of the seven main islands have different leaders and different politics. While they all have the same goals for the most part, they don't often see eye-to-eye and, as a result, are often in disagreement with each other. This has on occasion become violent, and caused vicious battles against each other.
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