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Trident of the Sea

The Trident of the Sea, alternatively referred to by the Huolians as the Trident of the Goddess, is one of four sacred weapons that exist within Minecraftia. It was crafted by the Searhia, the goddess of the sea, and is capable of summoning lightning. The trident was prophesized to be held by the one that would bring the Huolians to the Promise Lands. It was wielded by Hokuikekai, who used it to unite the Huolians under his leadership. He used the trident to destroy Endrii and save the world from being incinerated by the Sun. The Trident of the Sea appears exclusively in the Legacy Timeline. The confirmed enchantments the Trident of the Sea has are as follows: Loyalty, Riptide, and Channeling.


A trident said to have been wielded by the Goddess Searhia herself. It is believed to hold the power of all the most vicious storms and tsunamis within.
Item type
Weapon, Other
Creation Date
Current Location
Current Holder
Related ethnicities
Only one.
Out of all the sacred weapons, the Trident of the Sea is only used by one hero, while the others span more than one.


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