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Redstoners is the name of the people that reside within the Redstone Faction. They have various stereotypes ranging from wearing glasses to being know-it-alls to panicking over messes. Overall, redstoners have a higher average intelligence than most other ethnicities, and redstone engineering is considered to be one of the most profitable jobs in the Overworld. Redstoners typically are more focused on the scientific aspects of the world of Minecraftia and often will try to find solutions to problems, making them valuable around the Overworld.


Funerary and Memorial customs

The inventories of the deceased is scavenged for repurposing aside from the most precious belongings, of which is buried in memory of the deceased.


Gender Ideals

Men and women are mainly seen as equals, however women typically have more positions within the Redstone Faction while men are often sent to different parts of the world to work.

Courtship Ideals

A lover will often propose to their significant other first thing in the morning to give them time to plan out the wedding for the remainder of the day.
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May 15, 2022 21:21 by Watchman Deedly

Only a day to plan the wedding, eh? I hope there aren't any bridezillas among the Redstoners. (On a personal note, when I read 'redstoners,' my mind went in the opposite direction of science and envisioned a group of stoners sitting around munching through a family-size bag of Doritos on a Saturday night.)

May 15, 2022 21:43

Redstone being a euphemism for weed or other drugs is a funny thought lol