Minecraftia David's first great adventure
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David's first great adventure

Life, Milestone


A Wither is released into the world and attacks Blockfield Village. David and his friends head to Diamond City to stop it. They stop the person behind the Wither-a man named Lucian, and return home.

When David was just a nine-year old kid, his village was attacked by the Wither. The village barely managed to chase it off, and his best friends Emily and Andrew decided they wanted to go head to Diamond City, one of the four Cities of Harmony that watched over society, to ask them to bring aid to their village. He didn't want to, as his father had already announced plans to do just that, but Emily's mind was set. And so, he decided to go with them and make sure they wouldn't get hurt. By then, he had encountered The Spectral Hero , and begun his training to become a hero.   Later on, he would encounter a man named Lucian, who declared that he had created the Wither in order to build a new world, and that man wanted David to abandon his friends to become his apprentice. David refused, and would go on to arrive at Diamond City to meet his dad, Joseph and inform him of Lucian's role behind the Wither. They would then head to Lucian's head fortress to begin the final assault to destroy the Wither and arrest Lucian. Joseph's friend, Jorge, fought against the Wither while Joseph protected David and his friends from Lucian, until they switched and Joseph fought the Wither, defeating it. Lucian dealt a finishing blow to Jorge, and David fought against him, but the young hero was defeated, and right as Lucian was about to land a killing blow onto him, Emily jumped in the way and protected him, taking the hit. Joseph fought off Lucian, and right as the knights arrived to take Lucian into custody, Lucian climbed to the top of his fortress and jumped off, leading the knights and commander of the raid and the protagonists to believe that he was dead. The three took care of Emily, but it was too late for Jorge, and he passed away. The group returned to Blockfield , and David was grounded for a while for his reckless behavior, but had earned great respect from Joseph as a warrior, who began to train David to become like him.

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