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Emilia Book Blueheart (a.k.a. Emma)

Emily is a character who loves using redstone to build intricate contraptions. She is remarkably intelligent among those of her age, despite her extroverted and easily excitable nature leading some to believe otherwise. She also serves as the optimist and the actionable protagonist in the stories she is a part of. She is also the primary love interest of David and often helps him to overcome his own personal struggles. She comes to hold her many adventures with David as among the greatest memories of her life, however, eventually chooses to live a life with her family over embarking on more adventures, seeing them as something that would've only been fun as a child.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Is great with redstonery.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Emily lived in Velvan Village within the Redstone faction with her parents until she was four. A woman named Melody had wanted a child of her own, and so one night, she attempted to kidnap Emily. Her father had been awakened by the commotion and went to check on Emily, only to find a total stranger abducting her. He tried to fight Melody off, but she killed him with her iron sword. In a rush, Emily's mother came in to try and rescue her, but was unable to escape. Emily was held and raised by Melody for several months until her sister, Susan, decided to get Emily away from her, and took her to Blockfield within the Diamond faction. There, she was raised for years where Melody couldn't find her. Susan pretended to be Emily's aunt during those years.   Shortly after Emily turned eight, her village was attacked by a Wither. She decided that she had to do something about it and chose to leave for Diamond City, one of the four Cities of Harmony, bringing her friends, David and Andrew, along with her. They would go on to encounter a strange man named Lucian that had mysteriously known all about them. Then, they would continue on and eventually make it to Diamond City and get them to search for the Wither before they headed for a Woodland Mansion where Lucian resided. After an intense battle against Lucian and his Wither, Emily and her friends, along with David's father, Joseph, fought against Lucian before Joseph had to take on the Wither, entrusting his friend, Jorge, to fight Lucian. Lucian landed a killing blow onto Jorge, and David fought against the evil man, but was swiftly defeated. Before Lucian could take David's life, Emily jumped in the way of his attack and was fatally wounded. Joseph defeated the Wither and, upon seeing the state of the children, fought with everything he had to take Lucian down and managed to defeat Lucian. Before the wicked man could be apprehended, however, he jumped over the ledge to his seeming demise. Joseph rushed to heal Emily back to full health, and mourned the fall of his friend and his brother, as the four headed back to home.   Years later, a war was declared between the Cities of Harmony and the Purge Society, and so David and his father had left Blockfield as it was destroyed in an effort to stop the war, Joseph bringing Emily along with them. During the long and arduous journey, David confessed that he had feelings for Emily and wanted to be more than friends. Emily returned with her own feelings of love and the two became involved romantically from then on. They came across Andrew, who joined their team. Andrew soon found out about her and David dating and revealed his crush on her, challenging David to a fight as he felt betrayed by his friend. David had defeated him, but continued to support him after his defeat, brushed aside by Andrew as they continued on their journey.   After the journey had reached its conclusion, the Purge War saw three of the four Cities fall under illager control. Emily and her friends had managed to infiltrate the Purge Society's head base of commands before they were discovered. They found the leader of the Purge Society, a general named Dakirus, who activated a giant machine called the Blockbuster that she planned to use to take over Beacon City, the last City of Harmony, Andrew sacrificed himself to destroy the machine and allow Emily and David to continue climbing the tower.   Once Emily and David made it to the top room, they discovered that the leader behind the entire thing was none other than Lucian, who had survived his fall from years before. David's father arrived as well and attempted to stop Lucian's madman approach, but was killed. After an intense struggle against the mad tyrant, David managed to defeat him, and Emily convinced him not to kill Lucian. Lucian was then arrested by the troops of Beacon City, and Emily and David returned to their village to find it completely destroyed. In a panic, the two went over to Stonewall Village to find out that many villagers from Blockfield had arrived there, including Emily's aunt. The two were distressed upon realizing how many of their loved ones had perished to end the war. The two went on to live in Stonewall for a few weeks as society steadily began to return to normal as the Purge Society slowly fell apart. Emily got to meet David's long-lost sister, Natalia, who had been abducted by Lucian years before. Then, she received a letter saying that her request for a certificate to move to Red City, the City of Harmony that was run by the top redstone engineers in the world, had been accepted. Realizing she now would have to move away, with a heavy heart, she broke up with David a few days before she headed out. After moving into Red City, she began to attend the local Redstone Engineering school and would take classes for years. She would begin searching for clues behind what happened to her parents.   Several months after she moved into Red City College, she found out that a person with her last name had been a professor at Redstone Engineering, and while researching, she came across a worker named Melody, who soon found out her identity as the girl she had chosen to take and care for and made plans to once again abduct her. When she acted on her plans, Emily was taken away from Red City and to Melody's home. Emily would be held captive for two years before she managed to escape, killing Melody in the process.   Traumatized by all that had unfolded, Emily left the house and, having passed out on a trade route, was rescued by a caravan, who returned her to Red City, reuniting with Susan in her vulnerable state as she told her everything that had happened. Susan supported her and later brought Emily to the place where her parents' inventories were laid to rest, confessing the full story of what had happened to her parents to her and the reason for why Susan had chosen to take care of her, assuring Emily that Melody had stopped being her sister years ago. After an emotional day, the two returned to their home.   Emily would have to testify before a court to explain in full everything that had happened and attempt to justify her murder of Melody. After a month of investigation and court sessions, she was ruled to be justified in her self-defense, but her aunt was to pay a heavy fine to settle the court fee.   Throughout her years, she would remain severely depressed and went to self-harm due to stress. Eventually, she attempted to commit suicide, although her attempt would fail as Susan rescued her and sought help for her. She managed to gain therapy and vent her many frustrations and regrets as she slowly got onto the path of self-recovery.   Four years had passed before an attack was launched on Red City by a cloaked entity in an attempt to steal Red City's Command Block. Emily had been in a group that was studying it at the time, and she was trapped in the room with the monster. But just before he could kill her, a trio of heroes appeared and rescued her and fought against the monster. She quickly realized that the three were all people she had known, including David himself. The menace had taken Natalia, as well as the Command Block, and as David and Donald were preparing to go after him, Emily chose to go along with them. As they found the temple that the menace that they called Entity 303 was hiding in, they attempted to take the Command Block back and rescue Natalia. However, Entity 303 used the machine to resurrect an evil god known as Null to absorb him. He then opens a rift in time and jumped through. As Donald tended to Natalia, Emily and David went through the portal and began their journey across time.   The following stories will be further fleshed out in the future.   They traveled to an era that seemed to take place over a hundred years in the future, where Lucian was somehow ruling over the world. Lucian found out about the time traveling heroes soon enough, and as they chased after Entity 303, they were challenged by Lucian's general, Coven, who sought to capture Entity 303 and use him as a superweapon. David fought back and managed to overcome the warrior, but fails to stop them from capturing Entity 303. With no other options, Emily and David are forced to join the rebels that sought to overthrow Lucian's regime in order to gain the strike force needed to reach Entity 303. Finally, they reach him, and David challenges the menace, who uses the Command Block to resurrect a second instance of Null and consume it before fleeing through another temporal portal.   Emily and David follow him again into another time period even further into the future, yet another era where Lucian somehow had managed to amass significant power for himself. This time, they were in a land known as Noano, where Lucian was the elected President. Once again, Lucian found out quickly about the time travelers, and sent his apprentice, Azren, to target them. David fought with everything he could, but Azren proved to be an even more powerful warrior than him, and was overcome. David and Emily were captured and brought before Lucian, where Lucian threatened harm to Emily should David not obey his every command. David had to do any job Lucian asked of him, but refused to kill anyone, much to Lucian frustrations.   One day, David returned beaten and battered, to Emily's concern, having been defeated by an illager who had wielded the same legendary sword David himself held. Lucian, enraged that he could not bring the illager before him, brought out one of David's targets he was meant to kill and gave him an ultimatum-to kill the target or Emily would die. Emily protested, knowing that David's no-killing rule was one that was sacred to him, and she was struck by Lucian. An enraged David turned towards the rebel he was to kill and raised his sword, but refused to deal the killing blow. Lucian, upon his bluff having been called, sent Emily back to her captors.   That night, an attack on Lucian's base occurred, and multiple mercenaries broke into the prison and began to free all the prisoners. Emily rushed and looked for David and found him, and told him they needed to leave, but David insisted on staying to deal with Lucian once and for all. Seeing this as a very personal mission for David, she let him go and left with the mercenaries.   After the fall of Lucian's regime, David and Emily were reunited and managed to work out Entity 303's position at a mysterious fountain, to which they encountered and challenged him once again. Entity 303, having some respect for the persistence of the heroes, revealed his true identity as Malrus and fought against them, but was defeated by Emily, David, and the illager hero working together. Malrus created another temporal portal and used it to travel through time once more. Emily, David, and Tulis parted ways.   The following story is especially unfinished. Consider this a simplified version of the story and not the final story.   Emily and David ended up in an era long before their own, when Minecraftia was in constants battles against the forces of darkness. The two lose Malrus once again but encounter a group of heroes consisting of Steve, Alexandra, Howard, and William. They agree to help them find Malrus if they will help them defeat Herobrine. David and Emily agree and once they defeat Herobrine, they find Malrus and work together to defeat him. Malrus consumes the Null of this era and flees to another era. They say their goodbyes and David and Emily continue to travel in time.   They ended up in a new era of the past, taking place seemingly hundreds of years before the previous era they were in, when there was only one kingdom to rule the Overworld. David and Emily realize that Malrus has taken control of the King of Minecraftia, and plans to execute the prince and princess, and so they rush to protect them, being forced to take them away and be labelled as abductors of royalty. With the kingdom hunting them down, David, Emily, and the prince and princess hide in a place where they won't be easily found. Emily discovers that the princess has fallen in love with David, and remembering her childhood stories of how princes and princesses would marry in the end, she becomes protective of David. The two-while disguised-attend a party with the prince and princess, hoping that the prospect of the two royalty would bring them to Malrus, and share a romantic dance as Emily tells David how wonderful their journey has been for her. She tries to get him once more to open up about his concerns, and David finally shares some of the burdens he's had to carry with all the expectations of people placed onto him. Emily comforts him and reminds him that through all of their struggles, she's still here with him and doesn't plan to go anywhere else. Before long they discover the prince and princess are both missing and search for them.   The heroes discover that the royalty were taken by the King's men, and sneak their way to the castle, through the place before they find the prince and princess once again, both of which were very relieved to see them. The two royalty are taken to the King's chambers where it is revealed by the King-possessed by Malrus-that it is through the deaths of all the leaders of Minecraftia that the following despair and fear will allow Null to rise, and cloud the land in darkness. Just as the King's guards attack the two, David and Emily show themselves, as Emily fires a spectral arrow from the Hope Bow at the King. The holy light from the arrow causes the spirit of Malrus to flee from the King in agony, and the King regains his mind and orders his guards to cease their attack. The King commends the bravery of David and Emily, as well as his children for their willingness to put themselves in such danger to save him from the monster that had controlled him. It is through the King that the two discover in the era they exist within does not have an End dimension, and so there was no options left for Malrus to resurrect the Null of this era. They realized that in Malrus's rush to flee the light, he had abandoned the Command Block, and it was finally in the heroes' possession.   As David and Emily left the castle in the night, they were visited by the ghostly visage of Malrus who, with the four Nulls, now towered above them at twice the height he was originally. He commended the clever minds of the two and states that even without the power of the Null from this world, he still had the power he needed to bring an end to the world. Malrus declared his intentions to do exactly that in the next world, but decided that he would give David the honor of having a chance to fight him before he did so. David accepted the challenge eagerly and promised that he would defeat Malrus, whom had departed with a booming laugh.   The next day, the two bid the royal family their farewells and use the Command Block to follow Malrus once more into the past. They end up in an era when the world had just been created and was a mere plot of land hovering above an endless clear Void. Malrus gave his respect to the two for their relentless determination to carry the Patron's will, but vowed that he would not be stopped. He challenged the heroes, who fought back with the Grand Sword and the Hope Bow in an intense battle, but with David's superior combat ability, he was able to defeat Malrus. Malrus gave his respects once more to David for being a powerful human groomed by a divine being, but promised that he was not going to perish without taking the infant world with him, unleashing his four Nulls.   David attempted to attack the Nulls, but was blasted back by their attack as Emily hid. David got back out and declared his determination to defeat the evil gods, and Emily once more held her Hope Bow, assisting him as he distracted the beast before she would strike the Nulls' weak spots with the holy spectral arrows. Eventually, the Nulls went down, and Emily celebrated their significant victory, but it was a trick as the Nulls got back up to charge at her. David realized this, and quickly ran past her to use his special ability, the Spirit of Hope, to stand against the beast's power as he buried the Grand Sword into its head. Once over her shock, Emily quickly rushed to help him, becoming empowered by the Spirit of Hope as she made contact with him. She was forced to fight against the trauma she had endured at a young age as she helped David pushed the Grand Sword deeper into the Nulls' head until finally it was deep enough to bring the end of the evil gods. At the last moment, David pushed her away as he gave one last push against the Nulls. The Nulls let out a pained roar as they exploded into nothingness. Emily was once again thrilled from their victory, but realized something was wrong as David almost immediately fell to his knees. She asked him what was wrong as she brought him over by a wall for support, and he revealed to her that the one who landed the finishing blow onto Null would be afflicted with a curse that would kill them. Realizing this as the reason she had pushed her away, she began to cry, angry with David keeping such a thing secret from her and heartbroken knowing that this was the end of their time together. He thanked her for making their last adventure a fun one for him and apologized for not being there to the end, but promised that he would always cherish the time they spent together. And with that, David's essence faded away. Overcome with tears, Emily sobbed for several minutes before she used the Command Block to bring her back to her home era.   Emily returned to her home world at a point immediately after David and Emily had traveled to the future, and Natalia asked her what had happened with Entity 303 and where David was upon seeing Emily's tearstained face. Emily tried to tell her as much as she could, ending with David's sacrifice, as Natalia's worst fears were confirmed. Both Natalia and Donald broke down as Natalia had lost the only thing left of her old family, and Donald had lost his idol. The three went to Stonewall Village to build a grave to commemorate David for his ultimate sacrifice. Natalia went her separate way as Donald and Emily stayed at Stonewall.   A year had passed before the Patron saw that Emily still continued to grieve David's death, and chose to allow him to respawn. From there, the two were reunited. However, Emily immediately learned that David had no memories of any of their journeys after they first traveled through time. Knowing that the David before her was now the same David that put his great mission above all else and had no interest in being romantically involved with Emily, she was greatly saddened. For the next few weeks, she would tell him of the journey they had experienced, but keep any hint of a romance between them hidden, believing that David would think she was making stuff up. A few weeks later, David left the village with Donald.   A few more weeks later, Emily was finally ready to head back to Red City when she was greeted once again by David, who met her lips with his as he revealed to her that he had finally found his memories of them. Emily's heart mended as they embraced each other once more. The two would head to Red City together for her to finish her college course.   Ten years later, the two would have a child named Thomas, a name David had wanted if they had a boy.   Twelve years later, David would eventually adopt a child he had found abandoned in a field. Emily would name him Julian.   Eighteen years later, Emily would give David an ultimatum in an attempt to stop him from leaving his family for adventures. She told him that if he left one more time, that they would be through. David refused and went with Julian on one more journey, bringing an end to their union.




Attended Red City Redstone Middle School, High School, and College.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Stopped David from breaking his code and killing Lucian; overcame her abusive abductor; also helped David to realize just how important his own life and happiness were; graduated from Red City College and became an elite redstone engineer.

Mental Trauma

Has repressed trauma from when she witnessed her parents get killed before her eyes; repressed trauma from when she was kept for several months by Melody; traumatized from when she had to kill Melody in self-defense.

Intellectual Characteristics

Has a very logically-focused mindset.

Morality & Philosophy

Believes that life is about happiness and enjoyment, and that if you don't have fun then you're wasting your life.

Personality Characteristics


To be the greatest redstone engineer she can.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent with redstonery and figuring out how puzzles work, but not good with combat.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes people who are driven towards bettering something they find joy in, as well as tinkering with redstone. Firmly dislikes eating carrots and believes them to be a punishment created by Notch specifically for her.

Virtues & Personality perks

Is very supportive of her friends.

Vices & Personality flaws

Is focused on bringing happiness to those around her, one of the reasons for her becoming depressed in her teenage years as she neglects her own personal happiness.

Personality Quirks

Can get very hyper at times, especially when she was a child. Tends to be oblivious to thing that would be clear to others, such as Andrew's crush on her.


Is very well-kept.


Family Ties

Her mother and father, both of whom are deceased.

Social Aptitude

As a child, she was very hyper and didn't care about what others thought about her. But as she matured, she became more reserved and self-conscious.


Is very kind to everyone she encounters, unless she has a reason to dislike them.

Hobbies & Pets

Has a pet rabbit named Sir Nibbles of whom she utilizes to eat carrots instead of her.



Girlfriend (Vital)

Towards David




Boyfriend (Vital)

Towards Emily




Emily and David started out as young children living in Blockfield. David was very shy around other kids, but Emily had been determined to be his friend, and so the two played with each other often. They soon became close friends despite their contrasting personalities. Years later, the Wither attacked their home village, and Emily and Andrew wanted to go to Diamond City for help. David decided to go with them, and their friendship only grew from there as they fought by each other's sides. After the adventure was over, Emily, Andrew, and David returned to Blockfield. Emily gave David a kiss on the cheek out of affection, and over the next four years the children grew into young teenagers. Their bodies developed more, their minds matured further, and one day, David asked Emily out, and she accepted, ending their friendship and beginning their partnership. After Blockfield had been destroyed, David and his father escaped and left to Stonewall, where they reunited with Andrew. From there, Emily and Andrew decided to go with David and his father on their way to Diamond City. After much conflict with the pillagers, and much traveling, the pair would go on to sneak into the Purge Society's main fortress and, after losing Andrew, take on Lucian. After Lucian's defeat and capture, they went to their new home in Stonewall after discovering the destruction of Blockfield and death of David's mother. From there, Emily breaks the sad news that she'll have to leave Stonewall in order to pursue her career in Red City's Redstone School. After that, she leaves for Red City. Years later, Entity 303 breaks through Red City's defensive fortifications, seeking out the Command Block. Emily is nearly killed by Entity 303 before David appears, having chased the menace, and defends her. David is defeated by Entity 303, who grabs the Command Block and kidnaps his sister before teleporting away. After the two depart on a long journey, they encounter Entity 303 and follow him through time. Throughout the different eras, Emily learns David's mindset and helps him learn to love himself. The two go back to being a couple after being faced with many life-threatening scenarios, and after they defeat Malrus, David perishes in battle. She returns to the present. Emily's constant grief over David touches the heart of the Patron, who brings David back to life, but wasn't able to bring back his memories of their time together. David goes on a journey to search for his missing memories and returns with them, having returned her feelings once again as the two stayed with each other. The two would eventually have a child named Thomas. They would eventually adopt a second child named Julian. David and Emily would eventually break up after David's many journeys had pushed Emily's worries to the breaking point.

Nicknames & Petnames

David refers to Emily as Emma.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

To be the best at what they do.

Shared Secrets

Emily has shared many secrets with David, as David has with her, such as when he told her how he felt responsible for Andrew's death, as well as when he confided to her about having no plan for the future after he had completed his destiny. Emily has told him about how she hated living with her aunt, and how she had been abducted by her parents' killer and killed her, and felt alone while in Red City's Redstone School, and she became depressed as a result.


Ultimate Villain (Trivial)

Towards Emily





Towards Null


Nicknames & Petnames

Null often calls Emily a tryhard hero, to show his disdain for her.


Son (Important)

Towards Emily



Mother (Vital)

Towards Thomas


Nicknames & Petnames

Emily often calls Thomas Tommy.



Towards Julian




Towards Emily


Nicknames & Petnames

Emily oftens calls Julian 'Julie'.



Towards Emily




Towards Susan


Nicknames & Petnames

Susan often calls Emily 'Emilia'

Relationship Reasoning

Susan is often harsh to Emily as a way to toughen her up, much to Emily's disdain. Emily would eventually learn of what had happened to her parents and how Susan had took care of her as a way to protect her, and would gain respect for Susan. Their relationship would improve from then on.

Chaotic Good
1319 1394
Velvan Village
David (Boyfriend)
Current Residence
Red City
Light blue
Quotes & Catchphrases
Come on, spill the blocks!
— A phrase Emily would say a lot when she was younger when she wanted someone to tell her something
I-I didn't mean to... I had to defend myself... She attacked me and I had to defend myself... Does this make me a bad person??
— Emily after having escaped from Melody's home as she reveals what happened to her to Susan
You don't have to be perfect. No one is ever perfect. That's what makes them human.
— Emily telling David about how he doesn't need to always be so serious
You're so worried about losing someone close to you. Well, look at me then. Despite everything we've been through, I'm still here, and I don't plan to go anywhere without you!
— Emily helping David overcome his fear of attachment
Going on adventures was fun as children, and it was a time I look back on with fondness, but that part of my life is over. I'm happy with living my life as an ordinary citizen of Minecraftia. I just wish you would feel the same...
— Emily venting her frustrations over David constantly heading out on his missions
Character Prototype
Is partially based on Steve, both in personality and fashion sense. In terms of personality, she is also based on Sayori, a girl in the visual novel game Doki Doki Literature Club.
A different girl makes an appearance in David's dream world in the A Hero's Wish series named Amy, who David immediately falls in love with. Amy shares some notable personality traits with Emily, such as being energetic at times while being subdued at others. Might she be the dream counterpart of Emily?

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Dude---David left Emily for an adventure. Wonder why she didn't want to go with him.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
26 Apr, 2022 16:40

In her later years, a well-aged Emily had seen her adventures with David as fun and fantastic but also specific to her childhood. She just wants to live a normal life with her family, something that is in stark contrast to David towards the end of his life, and it ends in their family splitting up, with Thomas staying with her while Julian goes with David. Sorry if it isn't that clear yet.

26 Apr, 2022 22:12

No worries! I know this is a work in progress. :)

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