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Lorekeeper Lisra Cupidus Felltome (a.k.a. Liz)


Goes on to protect the Armor of Resolution.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Athletically fit.

Body Features

Possesses numerous purple religious tattoos across her body.

Identifying Characteristics

Notably is always barefoot.

Special abilities

Has the unique ability to craft virtually whatever she wishes into existence. Later on, she gains the ability to spawn mobs into existence as well.

Apparel & Accessories

She wears a lapis gem on her forehead for religious purposes. She has beads that line a long strand of her hair that is only visible when she has her hood down.

Specialized Equipment

Carries a magical staff crafted by herself that has the ability to wield fire.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The lorekeeper of seven generations before had prophesized that the Great Evil that had threatened the world centuries before would again rise, and that a hero would arrive to oppose it. From then on the lorekeepers would search the world for a knight to be given the Patron's blessing. When the previous lorekeeper mysteriously vanished, Lisra was the next in line to inherit the title at the age of nine. For most of her life, she had to bear the responsibilities the title gave. At the age of thirteen, she set out to scour the Overworld for the one who would oppose the Great Evil.   Shortly after leaving her clan, Lisra came across a refugee boy from the Purge War named Joshua, who had a strong affinity with redstone. The two traveled together for a short time before she left him in a village, not wanting him to be exposed to the danger she would be on her mission to find the hero.   Throughout the ages of 15 to 17, she learned about a boy named David who had played a key role in bringing an end to the Purge War as well as him being responsible for the defeat of the dark knight, George, and believed him to be the hero of their time. She looked for ways to get him to come to her, and decided to sour the perspective of humans to the Piglins of the Nether by using her special crafting ability and high rank of the mysterious Sapia to bribe a unit of the military of Diamond Kingdom to enter the Nether to set up colonization. Lisra did this in hopes of causing a war between humans and Piglins, knowing that there was a good chance that David would show himself if humanity was once against in danger.   Once David again showed up and successfully prevented the war between the Overworld and the Nether, she finally managed to encounter him. She revealed that she was the one who orchestrated the war between the two in order to get him focused on pursuing her, and set out to guide him. As David tried to capture Lisra, she would tease him and reveal more of the story about her people, as well as showing off her unique crafting abilities to further keep him focused on her. She would also question him on his perspective on being the chosen one to better understand him. Eventually, she managed to bring him before her clan to be inspected by the Elder Lorekeeper. David was verified to be the hero chosen by the Patron, much to her joy, and she set out to bring him to the Grand Sword.   A few days later, she brought him to the tomb of the mortal Steve, where the spirit of the Hero of the Seas, Hokuikekai, was watching over the legendary blade, and watched as David was accepted by the blade and proved himself to be the one true hero of Minecraftia. From there, her part being fulfilled, she watched as he set off on his journey, filled with hope for the future as she returned to her home village.   Two years later, after David had fulfilled his destiny and brought an end to the Great Evil that was Malrus, she learned from the Elder Lorekeeper that the Ender's Eye cult had infiltrated the Sapia, and were plotting to abduct the village's lorekeepers. With this, the lorekeeper was tasked to leave the village without anyone knowing of her departure, whilst the elder lorekeeper and grand lorekeeper stayed. Lisra was about to leave her home when her close friend, Aris, questioned her and found out about her plans to leave the village. Not wanting to lose her a second time, Aris convinced Lisra to let her join her, and the two left the village and went out into the dangerous world.   Two weeks into her journey, Lisra discovered Aris speaking to cult members and found out that she was the spy for the Ender's Eye, and hid her knowledge until she brought Aris to a cave deep below the ground, where she threatened to kill Aris for betraying her and their people. Aris admitted to being a spy for the Ender's Eye cult and insisted that regardless of her alliance, the outcome would have been the same. Lisra attacked Aris with everything she had, and Aris called forth the cult members, who trapped and chased Lisra, who attempted to flee, but ultimately was captured. She was taken into a holding location where she had learned of the fall of her home village and the capture of the remaining lorekeepers. She was then taken into a sacrificial chamber with the rest of the lorekeepers, where she learned that the Ender's Eye were plotting to bring Malrus back to life through the sacrifice of the three lorekeepers. She watched as eldest of the lorekeepers was sacrificed and prayed to the Patron for help. Out of nowhere, the sky began to storm with heavy thunder, catching the attention of the leader of the Ender's Eye, The Red-Eyed One, who declared that the gods would not be able to stop the rise of their champion. During his speech, Aris came to Lisra and undid her bounds, having come to realize that a future in which the Ender's Eye failed would be worth fighting for, allowing Lisra to break free. The cultists attempted to seize her, of which she fought back with her magical staff along with Aris's help, and defeated the four of them, leaving the Red-Eyed One remaining. The Red-Eyed One used the powers granted to him by Malrus to attack her, and she used her magical staff. In the end, Lisra barely managed to come out on top once she unlocked a hidden power given to her by the Patron to be able to spawn mobs to fight for her.   Despite her victory, the Red-Eyed One declared that it did not matter, and used the essence of the sacrificed Elder Lorekeeper to resurrect Malrus, although due to them not having enough essences of the lorekeepers, he could only rise as the incomplete form that was Entity 303. Lisra and Aris rescued their fellow lorekeeper, and they fought against the returned demon. It became clear that Entity 303's power was too great for them to be able to stop, as he fatally struck Lisra's friend and her fellow lorekeeper, and so they prayed to the Patron to give them his strength. Their prayers were answered, as the strength they were given was that of the lorekeepers of the past who lent them their power. They used the full extent of their power against the demon, and Entity 303 was overcome and destroyed. Lisra rushed to the two fatally wounded, but there was nothing that could be done to heal them, and so she was told that she had to carry the legacy of the Golden Apple and the Sapia on her shoulders. As she headed out, she discovered that the Ender's Eye cult had taken captive the Enderdragon that the Sapia had previously been raising. She took it upon herself to take care of the dragon-of whom she calls Draco-and set off for Stonewall Village, where the Matron resided.   A week later, she would arrive before Alex, the Matron, and confide in her the sad fate of her people, depressed that she had no idea what the Patron would want her to do and seeking advice. Alex told her that she wasn't sure what path the Patron had laid out for Lisra, but reminded her that as long as she lived, the Sapia and the religion of the Golden Apple would stay alive. She also reminded Lisra of her responsibilities as a Sapian to ensure that the Ender's Eye would no longer dwell in Minecraftia. Lisra decided to look for someone who could help her hunt down the hiding Ender's Eye and bring back the Sapia, and decided to seek out David. Alex told her of David's initial state of dissatisfaction with how his great mission had ended and how he had chosen to search for the Altar of Knowledge and Lisra headed out.   Two weeks later, she and Draco would encounter him on his journey-much to his surprise, and lent her services to him and once again act as his guide. Throughout the journey, she and David would become even closer, and she would try to learn more of his views on being a chosen hero and his adventures since they had departed, discovering that he had no memories of his fight against Malrus. He would share details from the events in his life that had ended up haunting him, while Lisra tried to keep the fate of her people hidden from David, not wanting his sympathy, while offering him hers, although David eventually found out the truth. She also opened up a little on other things that had bothered her, such as her mother's strange disappearance. She continued to playfully tease him along their journey. The two nearly kissed at one point, but David pulled away, as he was too focused on his mission.   The group arrived in an ancient city beneath the ground where the Altar of Knowledge was guarded by the Wardens which roamed the structures. They tried to sneak their way through, but David's friend, Donald, was found by a Warden, and David attempted to fight the beast, to be easily defeated as the trio is barely able to escape while the enderdragon fought the Warden. They then resorted to building a bridge across the city over the beasts, which worked until David was knocked off the bridge by a stray bat, forcing him to sneak his way through the rest of the way to the room of the Altar. Lisra and Donald found David and witnessed part of the visions of the experiences he had during his last journey when he and the woman he had loved, Emily, had traveled through time to chase the Great Evil and bring it to an end. The three left the ancient city and returned to the surface. Their adventure at an end, Lisra, having realized that David's heart had been bound to another and after seen how much turmoil his life had gone through throughout his journey across time, decided that he should be able to live the life he desired with the woman he chose and not be forced to bear the burden of helping her deal with the Ender's Eye and bring the Sapia back. David ended up choosing to be with Emily, and so he and Donald left on their horses as Lisra watched them head off. Lisra, unsure of what the future held, departed on her own adventures with her enderdragon.   Two weeks later, Lisra and Draco would be ambushed by members of a clan of warriors known as the Hunters. She and Draco managed to escape. Unsure of what to do, Lisra met up again with Joshua in hopes that he could help her protect the enderdragon.   One week later, Lisra and Draco were again attacked by the Hunters, and Lisra came face to face with the leader of the Hunters, a man named Jax, who declared his desire to slay the enderdragon for glory. They managed to escape once Draco went on a rampage, destroying all their equipment.   One week later, they were ambushed again, and the two were captured. The two were delivered to the fortress of the Hunters. Draco was set in an arena to fight against numerous Hunters to the death. Draco killed many of them, but was defeated by Jax. Just before Jax could land the finishing blow against the dragon, a Wither broke into the fortress, interrupting the battle. As the Wither killed many Hunters, Lisra was able to free herself of her bounds and rescue Draco. Determined to destroy the Wither, the dragon allowed her to ride it. After a fierce battle, the dragon fell to the ground in exhaustion, but Lisra managed to steer the Wither into crashing into a wall, where it was then captured by the Hunters. Lisra used this opportunity to attempt to convince the Hunters at how the enderdragon did not deserve to be butchered like an animal, and many Hunters began to agree with her, laying down their weapons. However, Jax refused and determined that she had to die with the enderdragon. As Jax approached her, some of the Hunters decided to stop him, however he was quick to kill them before they could act.   Joshua and knights from the Diamond Kingdom appeared and in the ensuing surprise the Wither managed to break through its restraints. It went back into a rampage, where Jax and several Hunters attempted to kill the beast but were killed themselves. With the assistance of the knights, the Hunters were able to destroy the Wither. The knights rescued Lisra and Draco, escorting them out of the Hunters' fortress. Joshua revealed that he had called in a favor from the Diamond Kingdom in order to get the knights. With the Hunters no longer after Draco, the two set off, their bond having grown strong from the hardships they had faced, to the point that Draco would allow Lisra to ride them.   Throughout the years, Lisra and Draco would hunt down the remaining members of the Ender's Eye, driven by a need to avenge her fallen clan. She eventually encountered the Red-Eyed One once again, who used his power to summon a Wither. As Draco and the Wither fought, Lisra challenged the cult leader, declaring her desire to put an end to all the suffering he had caused. She managed to defeat the Red-Eyed One, and from his loss he channeled Malrus to possess his body once more. Enraged at his defeat at the hand of the lorekeepers years before, Malrus used his powers to hold Lisra in place as he prepared to reduce her to programming, before Draco-having defeated the Wither-crushed the demon and saved her. Malrus then vanished, and Lisra went back to Alex, who confirmed that he had retreated into the End. With all that was left of the Ender's Eye now trapped once more within the End, Alex informed her that it was time for the gatekeeper of the End to return to its home. With a heavy heart, Lisra brought Draco into the End, where the two departed.   Once Lisra returned to the Overworld, she went back to Joshua and, the both of them having had grown close to to each other, had a son named Aschis and two daughters named Lyra and Telsis. Aschis would end up inheriting her crafting power and becoming the next lorekeeper of the Sapia.   Lisra would once again meet up with David many years later, and learned of his plans to build an order of selfless knights that would serve the people and be willing to give up their lives for the land and people. Interested in the idea, she gave him advice for setting it up. Seeing Lisra as a potentially helpful friend, he decided to offer her a high ranking place within the order. She turned him down, since it was not her place to join him, but promised that the Sapia would be involved with his order. After that, the two parted.   Lisra would be the great-grandmother of Marin, a lorekeeper who guides Senza so the hero carries out her destiny to put an end to a future civil war. She is held in a special place in Marin's heart.   Lisra would be remembered as an icon among the Sapia. She saw the Sapia through one of the worst events in its history and kept it alive after she carried out the will of the Patron in guiding the hero of her time towards completing his destiny and later wiping the Ender's Eye out of Minecraftia. As an Elder Lorekeeper, she would be respected greatly and loved by her family and clan.



Accomplishments & Achievements

Managed to defeat Entity 303 with help from the spirits of the lorekeepers of the past. Tamed, trained, and released the enderdragon back into the End. Successfully defeated the Ender's Eye cult, forcing them to retreat into the End and removing their influence from Minecraftia for a long time. Rebuilt the Sapia clan.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to save her friend, Aris, and her grandmother from being killed by Entity 303.

Mental Trauma

Was scarred from witnessing the Elder Lorekeeper be sacrificed to sustain Malrus.

Personality Characteristics


Her desire to live up to her ancestors. Later on is guided by her desire to avenge her fallen clan.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: People who know how to fight and are willing to work hard for something they're passionate about. Dislikes: People who choose the easy and lazy way.

Virtues & Personality perks

Very confident in herself and her abilities.

Vices & Personality flaws

Is often willfully ignorant of the consequences of her actions.


Family Ties

Later has a son named Aschis and two daughters named Lyra and Telsis.

Religious Views

Sees Steve the Patron as the true successor of Notch the Creator, and as the king of all deities. Believes that everything that happens is by the will of the Patron. Also believes in the concept of reincarnation after death.

Social Aptitude

Is very outgoing and loves to be around other people close to her age.


When she was younger, she would often try to find ways to tease other people when she speaks, feeling empowered when she manages to get someone to fumble. This habit would lessen as she grew older.

Hobbies & Pets

Has a rabbit she named Danis. Also has a companion slime named Squishy. Later takes care of an enderdragon named Draco.




Towards David




Towards Lisra


Nicknames & Petnames

Lisra frequently calls David "Mr. Hero." David often calls Lisra "Liz."

Relationship Reasoning

Finding David was a huge focus for Lisra's life, to the point that it became an obsession for her, as it was her purpose given to her by the Patron. She spent four entire years on her own searching for the one that would oppose the Great Evil that would one day rise. On the other hand, David was horrified to learn that this girl would willingly throw humanity into danger just so she could encounter him, and initially sought to bring her to Diamond Kingdom to be arrested for her crime. But a big lesson he had learned while trying to stop the war between the Piglins and humans was that things and people aren't as black and white as he had thought, and so began to see the different layers to Lisra, not seeing her so much as a villain as an anti-hero. There is also romantic tension between them, further fueled as Lisra would occasionally flirt with David in order to throw him off balance in order to escape from his grasp if he got too close to catching her.

Shared Acquaintances



Daughter of Joseph's guide

Towards Joseph



A knight that her mother brought to the clan

Towards Lisra



Lisra only met Joseph for a short period of time when he was brought to the clan by her mother. As a result, all that she knew about him were his deeds according to what other people had said about him. On the other hand, Joseph has no particular opinion about Lisra outside of her just being a child.

As this character was based on Zinnia from the Pokemon series, I always held on to her music as the ideal music theme for Lisra. Listening to it makes writing and reading her article even more enjoyable for me.
Current Status
To rebuild the Sapia clan
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Lorekeeper of the Sapia/The Last Lorekeeper of the Golden Apple
Currently Held Titles
1318 1421
Black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned white
Quotes & Catchphrases
You want to catch me, you're going to have to be more clever than that, Mr. Hero!
— Lisra after David fails to capture her in a fight
You know, funny enough, it was your father that was the last hero my mother, the lorekeeper before me, had brought back to the clan. When she found out that he wasn't the chosen hero, it devastated her. She felt that her entire life in search for the hero of legend had been wasted. Then one day, she disappeared. I never found out what happened to her. Sometimes, when I am on my own, I wish I could find out, but even if I may want an answer, I really think that there's a part of me that doesn't want to know...
— Lisra revealing some of her troubles to David
I'm not the same scared girl that you saw all those years ago, Red Eyes. The woman that stands before you is one who will right the wrongs that you have committed against Minecraftia and her people. I know my ancestors will support me as I put an end to you once and for all. May a monster like you burn in the Nether forever...
— Lisra as she challenges the Red-Eyed One
While it was rough at first, the time we spent together are among the best of my life. You as an enderdragon are just as much intertwined with Minecraftia as I am as a servant of the Patron. And even if it won't be in the same life, I am certain that we will one day meet again...
— Lisra in her final goodbye to Draco the enderdragon
Some things will never change between you and I.
— Lisra when she and David meet again years later
Steve the Patron
Known Languages
Is able to read the language of the Ancients Tongue.
Character Prototype
The character Zinnia from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

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12 Apr, 2022 03:48

I'm a fan of Black Plasma Studios---my son watches their videos all of the time, and I find them enjoyable. It was the first time I found out about Entity 303. I thought it was something Black Plasma made up, but shut my mouth, no. Minecraft lore is so vast anymore these days, that I can't keep track.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
12 Apr, 2022 05:02

Yeah lol, Entity 303 has been around for a while. I think he first showed up around 2015? From my understanding of the lore(and how I support it within my story) is that Herobrine was griefing players to show them what Entity 303 had planned to do, and that 303 was a virus that wanted to destroy Minecraft by 2018, which didn't quite work out lol