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Tragic Hero Senza Oak Stonepost

Senza is the sixth chosen hero within the Classic Timeline, and the first female hero in the Classic Timeline. She also is the fifth hero to wield the Grand Sword in the Classic Timeline. Her counter is Commander Coven, who is the second to wield the Sword of Shadows in the Classic Timeline. After she wields the Grand Sword, she becomes the figurehead of the Second Rebellion during the Era of Discourse. Senza puts an end to the forty-year rule of Lucian over the Minecraft World Government and helps bring back democracy to the government. Senza would also go on to rebuild the Order of the Stone.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The following is a first draft of Senza's story. It is not finished and will be changed significantly as this character becomes more established.   When Senza was five, she watched as her parents were killed in an attack by the military. She would be traumatized by this event while growing up with her abusive aunt and uncle for years.   When she was fourteen, she rebelled against her aunt and uncle and left her home to journey out in the world with her childhood friend.   One year later, she became tired of her friend wanting to have a romantic relationship with her, and ended up accidentally shoving him onto a loose gravel patch, causing him to fall and be buried within the gravel. Senza tried to uncover him, but was too late as he suffocated. The guilt would stay with her for years as she returned to her home village and joined the rebellion her parents had been part of.   When she was seventeen, she discovered that the attack that her parents had been killed in was authorized by the rebel leader, Mares, not the military, and that it had been kept from public knowledge. Upon finding this out, she left the rebellion, and set back out onto her own path, choosing to become an adventurer to get away from people.   Two years later, she encountered an old man named Julian, who saw in her the potential to become the new hero. He began to teach her the ways of a hero.   A week into her training, she met a man who introduced himself as Marin. Marin believed her to be the hero, and had her follow him to guide her to his people, the Sapia. Senza learned that the Sapia are the servants of the Patron, and that Marin is a Lorekeeper of the Sapia who was tasked to follow the will of the Patron and search for the new hero of this age. She learned of her destiny to bring an end to the war that has torn the world apart.   Two years later, her training was complete, and he told her of a weapon that was designed by a legendary hero, and that if she were to gain it, the world would see her as a hero. Senza headed out once more in search for the sword, Marin guiding her along the way. They would encounter Harrow, an illager who sought vengeance against the military for the destruction of his home village, and the illager joined their group. They soon found the location of the Grand Sword, and she grasped it, proving herself worthy to the spirit the sword housed.   Senza, Marin, and Harrow defended a village under attack from the military and are hailed as heroes when she is seen wielding the Grand Sword.   The group would be attacked by a dark knight from the military and managed to escape with their lives. Senza and Marin planned to join the rebellion once more to change it, while Harrow wanted to take the fight straight to the government, and the group ended up splitting apart. Senza and Marin joined the rebellion and looked into the Mares's past.   A few months later, Senza revealed that she knew many of the dark secrets the leader had been hiding and challenged him to a fight to determine who would lead the rebellion. After a tough fight, Senza defeated the leader and proveed herself worthy, choosing to have him imprisoned for his crimes. The rebellion split apart between the people who accepted Senza's rule and the people who believed Mares was the kind of leader they needed to win the war. Seeing an opportunity to strike, the leader of the military, Coven, launched an attack against the rebels, and several dark knights were sent to kill Senza, who would meet Coven for the first time. Senza and the rebels managed to capture one of them, and escaped with Marin. The rebels interrogated the dark knight, but got little information out of him. Senza rallied her people with a strong speech as they were forced to endure a savage siege. The rebels fought with everything they had, refusing to let Coven take as much territory as possible. Coven responded by putting the full might of the military onto the city, and begun to take more and more land, but just as things seemed to be over, Harrow arrived with an pillager task force, who ravaged through the surprised military forces. Coven's forces had to retreat, and the victory united the rebellion, who then saw Senza as a true leader.   Over the course of four years, Senza became close friends with Madame Carolina, a regal woman who was the direct descendant of the royalty of the late Diamond Kingdom. Senza and Marin had become romantically involved. Senza had trained further with Julian after having returned with the Grand Sword and was now a skilled warrior. Senza herself had fought against Coven twice and had been defeated both times, and was forced to retreat.   Finally, Senza's tacticians had their plans to take the fight to the government ready, and the rebellion sent waves of units to the capital. Coven was there to oppose the rebels with his forces, and a brutal conflict ensued. Senza fought against Coven one last time, but was defeated, but before Coven could strike her down, Madame Carolina showed herself, stunning Coven and Senza as she revealed Coven to be her brother. Coven was conflicted long enough for Senza to get the upper-hand and take him down. She planned to take him into custody, but in a last defiant act, Coven attempted to take Senza down with him with tnt, and took his own life. Senza and Carolina survived the explosion. Marin and Senza reunited and went to storm the capital.   Seeing that the war was at an end, the rebels work together with the illagers to storm the capital and invaded the castle that held the dictator of Minecraftia, Lucian. They are challenged by most of the dark knights that had worked under Coven. Senza and her forces struggle against them, and Marin sacrifices himself to let Senza advance, much to her despair. Senza came face to face with the dictator himself, an old man responsible for the war that had plagued her life, and held the Grand Sword in hand. Lucian spoke with her, sympathizing with her over her personal losses as he reiterated his end goal being peace for the world. He promised her that he could bring back all the people she had lost through the power of the Command Block, something she considered. In return, she would have to leave the rebellion. Senza ultimately decided to stand against Lucian, and he revealed his true colors as he drew his weapon. Senza attacked Lucian, and fought with the best of her ability, but was overcome by Lucian's own skills and use of potions. He impaled her with his trident, and she was defeated as Harrow arrived, choosing to rescue her instead of apprehending Lucian, allowing the tyrant to escape. Having finally put an end to the war that had caused so much death and despair, Senza was brought to be healed and then returned to the new capital, a hero to the world.   A week later, Senza awoke to find Lucian in her room, who held the Command Block and used it to force her mind to be under his control, and attempted to force her to leave, but the Grand Sword allowed her mind to overcome the Command Block's influence as she revealed Lucian's location. He fled but Harrow was quick to track him down and corner him. Lucian bragged about how easy his people had been to manipulate during his first life, and Harrow considered striking him down, but decided a man like Lucian wasn't worth it. As he watched the mobs of the night kill Lucian, Lucian revealed a sinister implication towards Senza's home village. Worried, he and Senza headed straight to her village to discover it completely decimated-a last act of pettiness towards the hero as his rule came to an end. Senza's heart was shattered, having lost so many beloved friends and family and now no longer having a place to call home.   A few days later, Senza and Harrow spoke. Senza revealed that she would leave what happens next in Harrow's hands, as she would leave for good. Harrow, worried for her, asked where she would be going, to which she didn't give an answer. Harrow reminded her that she was still in the hearts of many people as Senza headed off on her own.   Senza had nearly succeeded in taking her own life, but was stopped that night by Harrow, who had followed her. Harrow held her in his arms as she wept into his shoulder, and comforted her. He repeated her words to her and promised her that she wouldn't be alone anymore.   Senza would be remembered as a woman who stood up for her ideals in a time of much suffering for the people. She was a hero who was hurt by both a terroristic rebellion and by an oppressive government, but still fought for what was right and ended up conquering both. In the other, she had brought an end to the forty-year war, after losing everything she held dear to it. She had ended up carrying the legacy of the fallen hero, Julian.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Managed to bring Mares to justice; dethroned Lucian and put an end to the War of Brothers.

Failures & Embarrassments

Killed her childhood friend.

Mental Trauma

Traumatized from losing her parents, and growing up with an aunt and uncle that cared very little for her. She felt responsible for the death of her friend and was deeply saddened by it. Was heartbroken to lose Marin and her home village.

Morality & Philosophy

That there can be no light without darkness. There is no good without evil.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Her dedication to seeing something through is a strong trait that has earned her the respect of the people she led through the civil war.

Vices & Personality flaws

Constantly losing people she has become attached to eventually leads her to close her off from other people, as she was afraid to feel the pain of losing more. She never manages to push through this and constantly pushes people away.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Hero that gave it all
1407 1458
Crimson red
Quotes & Catchphrases
The world is full of vile things, and sometimes, it feels like it just wants to make you suffer. But in the end, our actions are what define who we are as people. I leave you in charge of what happens next in this world.
— Senza while speaking to Harrow before she disappears.
Character Prototype
Is in some ways based on Luke Skywalker from Star Wars.

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Author's Notes

The author does not seek to glorify suicide in any way, shape or form. He aims to handle this very sensitive issue as respectfully as possible with this character in mind.

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