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Coven Wait for it Ironfall

Coven is the head general of Lucian's army during the era of civil war. He fought against the rebel forces and was widely feared by his enemies as a destructive warlord that would wipe out all who opposed him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Coven was born into the town of Sandsten where he grew up with a sister named Carol Ironfall and a mother that would frequently abuse the two of them.   When Coven was twelve, his sister and mother were killed in a raid, leaving him alone without a family as he was forced to live on his own for years taking care of himself.   He joined the military knighthood when he was fifteen years old. Coven was a knight who fought for the Minecraftian World Government in defense of villages that did not have iron golems to defend them from illagers and mobs. He had been a knight for seven years when Lucian's takeover of the government had occurred and caused it to transition from a democracy to a dictatorship.   Many years went by as Coven proved himself a brave and skilled warrior in the face of opposition, and went through the ranks, rising from a standard knight into a local captain into faction leader, drawing Lucian's attention as he did so. Soon, he was given the opportunity to appear Lucian, who was impressed with him and granted him the rank of general who would lead the king's soldiers on the battlefield against the rebel troops. Coven further proved his ability to force victory in tough situations when he destroyed a significant amount of rebel forces by blocking off an entire village and destroying it with tnt cannons.   Victory after victory against the rebels showed Coven's cunningness and unpredictable tactics to be a very valuable asset to King Lucian. Where other generals failed to gain success, Coven's ability to read into the rebel leaders' minds pulled the war in favor of the king at many points, and he was given the title of the King's top commander. Lucian then proceeded to manipulate Coven into believing that he was above everyone other than his king and that he couldn't trust anyone else.   During an attack on the Piglin forces within the Nether, Coven came across a dark blade known as the Sword of Shadows and managed to wield it, becoming the new chosen counter to the Hero. The darkness from within the blade mixed with the hatred of Coven's own heart would solidify his transformation into a cold, unfeeling machine of a person.   Throughout Coven's many battles, he would find out that many of his close friends had become rebels. Coven would hunt each of them down alongside the Executioners, hearing them but not listening as he cut them down for betraying the kingdom and himself. He discovered that the sister he had long thought to be dead was alive and continued to search for her for many years. Lucian took this as an opportunity to fill Coven with the fear of his sister being an insurgent rebel.   Coven would fight alongside his troops to gain victory at any cost, although once a rebel warrior named Senza rose up to stand against him, he began hunting her, knowing that once he could kill the one the rebels saw as the reborn Hero, the war could be won for his king. He met with his sister for the first time in forty years and upon discovering that she was with the rebellion, he was conflicted long enough for both Senza and Carol to flee. Coven dedicated himself to finding her so he could kill her, having felt he lost the last person he could care for to the rebels.   Coven and Senza had many encounters and engaged in battles at many points, but Senza managed to escape each time before she gained the Sword of Heroes, and was widely seen by all as the one wielding the legendary weapon. The people now in widespread defiance of King Lucian, she with the significantly more powerful rebel forces and the illagers invaded the Minecraftian government's capital city in an effort to take over Lucian's castle and was challenged by Coven, who wielded the blade destined to counter the Sword of Heroes, as well as the full brunt of Lucian's forces. During the intense battle, Senza and Coven dueled for the last time until Senza managed to overwhelm him and land a killing blow.   Coven died in his sister's hands as she wept for him.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Managed to consistently deal crushing blows to the rebellion. Wasn't swayed by his close friends when they turned to the rebellion and proceeded to kill them.

Mental Trauma

Is scarred from the neglect he had received from his mother, as well as the death of his sister.

Intellectual Characteristics

Coven was always able to think from the perspective of his opponents, as well as find creative ways of overwhelming the enemy.

Personality Characteristics


To wipe out all opposition for his king and ensure the continuation of the Kingdom of Minecraftia.

Likes & Dislikes

Hates the Order of the Stone, as knights from said order failed to save his sister. Hates the illagers for killing his family. Hates the rebellion for taking his close friends and sister away.

Vices & Personality flaws

Is very stubborn about his beliefs, a core part of his personality that Lucian has frequently taken advantage of when manipulating him.


Hobbies & Pets

Owns a pet wolf that he names Ichor.



Top Commander

Towards Lucian




King (Vital)

Towards Coven



Relationship Reasoning

Coven is Lucian's most loyal servant, with the two having many shared goals and ideals. For this reason, he is Lucian's favorite subject.

Neutral Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Genocider
Coven lived to the age of 62 before his death.
Circumstances of Birth
Coven's birth preceeded Lucian's takeover of the Minecraft World Government.
Circumstances of Death
Coven was killed in the defending battle against the rebellion while trying to keep them from taking over Lucian's castle.
Sandsten Village
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2 blocks/6 feet
Quotes & Catchphrases
War is not fought with weapons or potions, nor the number of soldiers on the battlefield. War is fought with strategies, and the one with the best will always win.
Character Prototype
Darth Vader from Star Wars.

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