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Grand Sword

The Grand Sword is one of four sacred weapons, and one of two crafted to be capable of smiting darkness. It has passed through the ages from the dawn of humanity all the way to the modern age of Minecraftia, and has been a vital weapon in defeating evil beings and villains throughout the generations. It has the ability to absorb entities within it as well as other diamond swords. It is also one of the two only weapons capable of harming Herobrine and is the only weapon capable of physically defeating him. It is the only weapon capable of cutting through Entity 303's indestructible cloak. The Grand Sword can also absorb the darkness from Null, however it does have a limit and can be overtaxed.   The Grand Sword is capable of telepathically communicating with the one destined to wield it in order to guide them towards it, but is not sentient. The way it presents itself to its chosen hero is different every time, from appearing in an ordinary chest to floating within a beacon ray to being contained within an ender chest. Although unmistakably a diamond sword, the Grand Sword has a different appearance from ordinary diamond swords, with its guard being more straight with two points on each side, along with its gems glowing white, unlike with other diamond swords. The Grand Sword also possesses the ability to imprison souls as powerful as Malrus within it.   The confirmed enchantments that the Grand Sword has are as follows: Sharpness, Smite, Mending, Knockback, Sweeping Edge, and Curse of Vanishing.   The Grand Sword can and has been destroyed, although due to the Mending enchantment, it often eventually reforms and return to the next location where it awaits its next chosen hero.   The Grand Sword is used to defeat Herobrine on his second rising, but not kill him. Herobrine had seen Steve's devotion to bettering mankind as a whole, and so he changed his ways. Herobrine, realizing the impact his horrific actions had caused, vowed to redeem himself, and assisted Steve in the fight against Null, at the cost of his life. Steve used his remaining essence to merge it with the Grand Sword, so that Herobrine became the spiritual guardian of the blade who would test all who thought themselves worthy of it.   The Grand Sword is eventually permanently destroyed after Malrus's soul overpowers Herobrine's, allowing him to break out of his seal from within the blade.   The Grand Sword is alternatively referred to as the Sword of Heroes.   The Grand Sword has been wielded by the Great Hero, Sarah, Steven, David, Julian, Senza, and Tulis.

Manufacturing process

Place one stick on the bottom row. Place two diamonds on top of the stick.


The Grand Sword was first crafted by a hero named Steve, who was made by Notch. Steve crafted the Grand Sword and taught humans how to craft with diamonds, before using the Grand Sword in his mission to destroy the Enderdragon that had invaded the Overworld. It was then taken from Steve when he was exiled and came into the hands of an unnamed warrior, who took the sword and answered the King's call in his betrayal towards Steve to challenge the hero. Steve, who had now become Herobrine, fought against the warrior, but fell to him. After that, the Grand Sword was stored within the house of the royal family until item frames were added into the server. The Grand Sword was then stored in a museum as an artifact of the past and a relic from the era of the Mob War for over a hundred years.   When the first generation of humans was removed, much of the structures built by the Ancient Builders was erased from the Overworld, and the sword itself was placed by Notch to a custom-built temple that was located underground and would be designed to test the new wielder of the sword. This temple would be discovered by the inhabitants of a village that was built above it by humans of the third generation. The people would attempt to find its secrets, but having lost many youthful warriors to its traps and puzzles, resigned to abandon it. A small group, however, would take it upon themselves to watch over the temple. Daniel Stonewall would eventually come to inherit this responsibility.   During the Mob Revolution, many settlements across the world fell to the vicious hordes of mobs and Wellblock Village was no exception. The village fell, and Daniel became the sole guardian of the temple.   The adopted son of Daniel would discover his father's survival and then learn through him about the temple that held a deep secret. The son would go through the temple and get through the puzzles and survive through its many traps and became the first man to discover the Grand Sword as the true treasure of the temple. And so, Steve grabbed the Grand Sword and became the New Hero of Minecraftia. He would go on to use the Grand Sword in his mission to defeat Herobrine, surviving a fall into the Void itself solely through the power of the sword as he embarked on a journey through the mystical Voidlands to eventually find his way back to the Overworld. Steve used the Grand Sword as he fought against Herobrine's army of mobs during the Invasion of Stockholm and would then take Herobrine himself on. Steve defeated Herobrine, but chose to spare his life.   Steve would become the Hero of Light when he once again had to embark on a new journey to put an end to Entity 303 and the Ender Fury. His mission would involve traveling to different locations where the ancient Giants slept and gain their blessing. His mission complete, he used the power of the Grand Sword to call forth the giants to take on the Ender Fury and chased Entity 303 into the End, where the demon was betrayed by the evil god Null and sealed within the Command Block. Steve fought against Null, but the Grand Sword was destroyed by the god to prove his own power. Steve was joined by Herobrine, who fought alongside the hero to bring an end to Null at the cost of Herobrine's life. Steve would then reforge the Grand Sword with new abilities and store Herobrine's essence within the blade to allow Herobrine to be the guardian of the sword and ensure that no false heroes would be able to wield it. Steve would leave the Grand Sword in the ground as he embarked on his great mission from Notch, a symbolic gesture of having it rest for the next time it would be used.   For several hundred years during the Era of Peace, the Grand Sword would be absent, until eventually the new hero was prophesized, in which the Patron gave the sword to the Sapia to be watched over and allow them to guide the new hero to the blade. Eventually, a young lorekeeper named Lisra would be sent out to seek out the new hero. Years later, she would locate him and guide the hero to the sword, and as David held the sword, he became the New Hero of Minecraftia.   David would embark on many journeys, but his greatest one with the Grand Sword would have him travel across time itself in pursuit of the evil Entity 303, with David eventually catching up to the demon and challenging him numerous times with varying degrees of success. David would go on to travel to the era of Minecraftia's infancy and engage in battle with an Entity 303 with the power of four Nulls and would come out on top as the victor, but ultimately succumb to a curse put onto him by the Nulls. His companion, Emily, would return to their original world, and her despair over losing David would be one reason for the Patron bringing David back to life. Another would be due to David having possessed the Grand Sword in his inventory, thus returning the blade to Minecraftia. David would go on to wield the blade for the rest of his life, although the blade's purpose had been fulfilled within this era.   Note: Due to the following eras not being very well-developed, there will not be as much content to them at this moment. This will change in the future when there is more story to go off of.   The Grand Sword would eventually be inherited by David's adopted son, Julian, who would use it moreso as a symbol when he became the leader of the Order of the Stone. He would discard the blade when the Order of the Stone fell, believing himself to be unworthy of it and what it stood for.   The Grand Sword would then be wielded by Senza, who also used it largely for its symbolism as an undeniable acknowledgement of the Patron to the hero. She would go on to overthrow Mares to take over the rebellion and then dethrone Lucian, conquering the Minecraft World Government. After her great mission, Senza would return the Grand Sword to the Sapia for it to be guarded once more for the next hero.   The Grand Sword would be then wielded by Hudson, who used it to slay the Wither and became a world-renowned hero. He would then lose it when the members of the Order of the Stone attacked Lucian and he sided against them, slaying the knights.   The Grand Sword would next be wielded Tulis, who would be the first Testificate to have wielded the Grand Sword. He would use it in the rebellion against the Noanoan government's oppression of the Testificates. He would even use it against Hudson.   The Grand Sword would then be wielded by a currently unnamed hero who is planned to use it in their great mission to return light to the Overworld after Entity 303's rise destroyed the sun and brought about a nightmarish plague upon the world.


The first diamond sword ever crafted.
A major thing that separates the Grand Sword from other diamond swords is that it can bypass commands from all sources, making it effectively indestructible. Even when it is broken-whether from overuse or being tossed into lava or other means of destruction, the sword will eventually be rebuilt through its Mending enchantment, which functions uniquely to the weapon from other weapons with Mending. In certain cases, it can even extend its protection to its wielder, as it does while Steve falls through the Void, or while Lucian attempts to use the Command Block to control Senza's mind.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Creation Date
Year 252.
There is only one.
Raw materials & Components
Two diamonds and a wooden stick.
A crafting table.
Many heroes have wielded the Grand Sword, but the Hero of Legacy, David is considered to be the true wielder of the sword, as once he gained it in his quest to combat the Great Evil, he was the only one of whom the Sword permitted to wield it all the way to the end of his life.
There are currently multiple timelines for the Minecraftian world, as is mentioned on some articles, however, the Author is undecided on what he will do with said timelines. The main timeline is known as the Legacy Timeline, and eventually becomes known as the Classic Timeline after a second timeline split occurs.

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Rarity There is only one. All I could think of was the scene from Highlander, "There can only be one." Fantastic movie. by the way. And, if someone were to create a secret underground base I could play on my Switch, I would be down with that. I love a good puzzle (like Zelda games and Portal). I like how you put a lot of thought into the details of your world. This would make an interesting playable campaign and could be adjusted to 5th ed rules. This is just an errant idea, but you never know. Minecraft roleplay, except you play along with others in-game while playing out the story. That would be fun.

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