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The Stone Hero Julian Blaze Stonestair (a.k.a. Avian)

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Julian wields the Grand Sword and his trusty shield passed down from his father.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Note: Much of Julian's story has yet to be fully fleshed out. This is especially reflected in the first half of the article. But there are plans to build upon this character more.   When he was born, Julian was abandoned by his original parents and soon adopted by David. He was raised as a proper child by him and Emily.   When he turned thirteen, his dad offered him a choice to become like him and be a knight that would defend people from monsters, a task that his dad stressed would be dangerous without the proper training. Julian accepted and began training to become a warrior under his father's wing for many years.   Four years later, Julian's dad wanted to take him on their first true adventure across the Overworld, in order to take the first major step towards becoming a hero just like his father-something that his mother didn't want for either of them to go on. Due to his father's persistence, his parents broke up and the family was split apart-an event that would have a major impact on Julian. He completed a task at each of the four locations while his father prayed to the ancient Creator. During their mission, it would be revealed that Lucian, an evil tyrant that had tormented Julian's father during much of his younger life, had respawned, and so David and Julian set out and eventually found the menace within a stronghold of his. Rather than allowing Lucian to leave, David killed him after Lucian attacked them. After that, they continued on their journey in search of the fourth and final location.   Their mission complete, David's spirit became the Spirit of the Hero, ensuring that a hero would forever rise up when the world needed them. He entrusted Julian with the future of the world. Julian went in search of the Grand Sword for over two years before he finally found the guardians of it, the Sapia. He met with the Elder Lorekeeper, Lisra, and the two reminisced his father before she allowed him to take the sword with him. Julian laid his hand on it, where he had to defeat the Guardian of the Sword, Herobrine within his mind before becoming worthy of wielding the sword. With the legendary blade in hand, he returned to Red City briefly to meet up with his brother and mother before heading over to Diamond City, where his father's Order of the Stone's headquarters was located at. From there, the Order saw him wielding the Grand Sword as a sign that he was the next great hero, and had him added to the Council of Champions. From there, word spread of the sword's new chosen wielder, and Julian was declared by the Order to be the new hero of Minecraftia. Julian would eventually go on to become the figurehead of the order.   Many events are planned to take place between the previous story and the next, but as of now there isn't anything of note.   This story is incomplete, but will be filled in when there is more added.   Julian knew that his father had been dreading the respawning of Lucian, who had sought to control the world through domination during the Purge War. And he knew that had been one of his father's biggest motivators for building the Order of the Stone. And so from then on, he would begin research into his opponent as the years passed, while readying himself for the day that the menace reappeared.   Ten years later, Lucian would respawn...   From here, the timeline splits in three. The second, however, had yet to be fully constructed and will put put in once it is completed. The following story exists in the Classic Timeline.   Once Julian had found out that Lucian respawned, he discovered Lucian's plans to infiltrate the Minecraft World Government. Immediately, he searched into the Minecraftian government for individuals that resembled Lucian, but by the time he looked into Vice President Lukas and put them together, Lucian used the Command Block and quickly activated Protocol C-164, bringing a swift end to the Order of the Stone. Julian, outraged at being outplayed so greatly, went on to challenge Lucian to avenge all of his fallen comrades, but due to Lucian's exploitation of potions and elite combat efficiency, he was soon defeated, and vowed that Lucian would one day be stopped by a hero stronger than himself, as he fled from the capital through use of a enderpearl and went into exile. During his exile, he would abandon the Grand Sword in shame, believing himself to be unworthy of it.   Decades later, he would be found by a lone woman, Senza, and train her to become a worthy successor, relying on what he had learned from his father and what he had learned over his many years in exile to train her to become the light the world would need.   The following story exists in the Orderless Timeline. This timeline has not yet been fully built conceptually and will be explained when it is.   The following story exists in the Altered Timeline.   Julian immediately learned of Lucian's plans to take over the government and destroy the Order of the Stone with Protocol C-164 from a woman who had traveled from the future. Armed with this knowledge, he warned the rest of the order of the cause of their downfall and researched into the government's officials and discovered that the vice president was undoubtedly the menace in disguise. As he brought several knights of the order with him to confront Lucian, Lucian soon caught on and rushed for the Command Block, prematurely activating Protocol C-164.   Julian and his fellow knights fought through the dozens of iron golems to break through the government's defenses. As Lucian attempted to assassinate the president, he was stopped just in time by Julian. Determined to put an end to Lucian's plot, Julian tried to fight him, but Lucian activated a tnt trap to blast the hero to particles. Julian was unable to escape, but miraculously survived the blast, trapped under the rubble in a coma for a few days as the iron golems proved to be too powerful for his comrades to overcome, forcing them to retreat.   Eventually, Julian awoke from his coma, heavily injured, and managed to escape the castle without Lucian finding out that he had survived their clash. He spent the next few days recovering from his wounds and watching the chaos unfold before he discovered the remainder of the Order of the Stone making one final attempt at overthrowing the government.   Armed with the Grand Sword, he knew that this battle would change the course of history, and so he set out to infiltrate the castle once more, and made it into the throne room where Lucian was being challenged by the hero from the future. Lucian had used the Command Block to give himself godly power, and as he was about to wipe the hero from existence, Julian used the Grand Sword to absorb Lucian's attack, stopping him as he vowed to put an end to Lucian and his plot.   The final battle had begun, and Julian and the hero fought with everything they had, but Lucian's power proved to be too great. Julian, determined to fight with everything he had, instilled hope and courage within his allies as more knights of the Order of the Stone appeared to join the fight. They fought with all their power, but Lucian's power was beyond theirs. Just as some were beginning to lose hope, Julian realized that Lucian was hiding his exhaustion, and encouraged his comrades that they would win this battle. The time-traveling hero readied a spectral arrow from the Hope Bow and fired it, the divine projectile embedding itself into Lucian's eye, stunning him. Another hero threw the Trident of the Sea and impaled Lucian's leg, causing lightning to blast through the castle and electrocute him. As Lucian stabbed one of his tridents at Julian, the Hero jumped on top of the weapon and slashed the Grand Sword onto Lucian's chest, dealing a fatal blow as the tyrant fell.   Lucian's coup successfully put to an end, the hero who arrived from a now-alternate timeline used the Command Block to return them to their own world, and Julian sought to pull together what was left of the Order of the Stone and repair the damage done by Lucian's brief era of power.

Accomplishments & Achievements

In the Altered Timeline, he was able to stop Lucian's plot and accomplish his destiny as the hero.

Failures & Embarrassments

In the Classic Timeline, Julian was defeated along with the Order of the Stone by Lucian once he assumed power over the Minecraftian government.

Morality & Philosophy

Julian is very much focused on what the people of Minecraftia would want. He puts the needs of the populace above his own.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Julian has the fatal flaw of hubris and believes he can accomplish anything by himself. This makes it difficult for him to accept when he's in a circumstance that he has to rely on the help of others, and is what leads to his defeat in the Classic Timeline at the hands of Lucian.


Julian is well-kept and takes great care in his physical appearance.




Towards Julian




Towards Emily


Nicknames & Petnames

Emily oftens calls Julian 'Julie'.

The three timelines that this character is a part of are known as the Classic timeline, the Orderless timeline, and the Altered timeline. The main timeline that the story follows takes place in the Classic timeline.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Fallen Hero/Hero of the Order
1366 1445
Light blue pupils
Dirty blond
Quotes & Catchphrases
Even if I cannot defeat you here, even if you can conquer the Overworld, even if you bring about a great catastrophy, even if you believe you've won, you haven't. My father's spirit, the soul of the hero, never perishes, and one day justice will be dealt upon you...
— Julian upon his defeat to Lucian in the Classic Timeline
In your plot to remove all traces of David Stonefield and the Order of the Stone from our world, you made a critical error. You underestimated the will of the hero, and of the people of Minecraftia. And now, with justice at our side, we will strike you down!
— Julian challenging Lucian in the Altered Timeline
That sword of yours has a legacy, an untarnished legacy of heroes that held it and brought harmony to the world with it. You must respect the blade as what it represents to the people-a tool of peace and justice.
— Julian after Senza returns with the Grand Sword in the Classic Timeline
Aligned Organization


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