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Hudson Candle Frostdoor (a.k.a. Azren)

A hero who was spoken of in the Tyrus Prophecy. He is chosen by the Grand Sword, and is a champion of the Order of the Stone. Later in his life, he becomes corrupted by Lucian and becomes Azren.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Is at the prime of his combat capabilities when he becomes Azren.

Special abilities

Is one of the few to wield the ability to use the Spirit of Hope.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Much of this article is unfinished. This is especially true in the earlier portion of this character detailing his early life. These will be further filled out as time goes by and this era of the world is expanded upon.   Hudson was born into Diamond City, where he was raised and trained as a warrior.   When he was fourteen years old, he lost his cousin to a raid by pillagers.   When he became sixteen years old, he set out on his own and became a wildly successful treasure hunter and adventurer across the Overworld and the Nether, with tales of his exploits spreading throughout the land.   At the age of nineteen, he stumbled upon the Grand Sword and was able to take it with him.   A year later, a Wither built by illagers was set upon the world, and Hudson set off to destroy it. He would eventually be successful and hailed a true hero. Having caught the attention of the Order of the Stone, he was approached by a representative of the organization and offered a place within the Order. Feeling burned out on his expeditions, he agreed and joined the Order, who made him a champion upon noticing him wielding the Grand Sword. He would undergo training to become a powerful warrior for many years while fighting against the illagers.   At the age of thirty-three, he would gain Ellis as his apprentice, and would train her while bringing her onto missions against the insurgent illagers.   When he was thirty-seven, Hudson would lose his close friend in a terrorist attack by the illagers. Hudson would be deeply upset by this.   At forty years of age, Hudson would lose both of his parents to an illager assassin. This would push him to the breaking point. The Order of the Stone would also discover that the man Hudson had seen as an uncle, Alis's true identity was Lucian Stonefield, a man that had respawned many times throughout the centuries and that the Order of the Stone had been founded specifically to stop. Hudson, forced to choose between aiding the Order and defending the man that had been close with him for over a decade, ended up siding with Lucian, and as one of the champions of the Order launched an attack on Lucian, he struck the champion and killed him. Hudson was then attacked by the other members of the Order and defeated them all. He helped Lucian in his plot to reach the Command Block, who then used it to active Protocol C-164.   Hudson would be approached by Ellis, who had been shocked at the news of what he had done. Hudson was emotionally distraught and told her how the Order of the Stone had betrayed their own morals, and that he would pardon her of their crimes if she stayed with him, to which she refused. Hudson tried to capture Ellis, but she escaped. Hudson would then be approached by Percy, another champion of the Order of the Stone, who had avoided the iron golems that were attacking all members of the order within Noano. He was challenged by the champion and fought against him with everything he had, but was disarmed and defeated by Percy, and knocked off the castle.   Once all the chaos had been ended, Lucian, as the president of Noano, had promoted Hudson to be his head general of the newly assembled Azrai military. Hudson changed his name to Azren and abandoned his former life, pledging his loyalty to Lucian. For years, he would enforce Lucian's desires with the Azrai while utilizing them to launch attacks against the insurgent illagers. Once Arestina had declared war against Noano, he would also launch attacks on Arestinian land.   Four years later, he would once more meet Ellis, now a young adult woman, who attempted to persuade him to leave Lucian and return to the Order of the Stone. He refused and attempted to capture her, resulting in a clash between the two. He defeated her upon severing her arm and leg, and she fell from the cliff into a lake below, exchanging one last look with Azren before limping away. In an act of mercy, he allowed her to leave, unable to make himself pursue one of the last few he truly cared for.   Azren would take part in several missions to put down the rebellion of enslaved illagers. He would end up encountering and fighting against Tulis in a couple of these missions, who would refuse to land an attack on the general.   Azren would be sent on a mission to pursue and capture a young adult man named David, a man that had traveled through time and given trouble to Lucian in the past. He eventually found the boy and fought against him, discovering that the boy also had the power of the Spirit of Hope, causing him to be a powerful opponent. He however was able to defeat David after severing his leg and capture him, bringing him and his friend, Emily, to Lucian.   One night, Azren would come to Lucian's defense during a surprise attack on the castle. He would watch as David fought against Lucian, and as David was defeated by Lucian, Tulis came to his defense. As per orders by Lucian, Azren fought against Tulis, who reminded him of the person he used to be, and refused to attack the general. Azren, heavily conflicted with his inner self, tired himself and was unable to continue, demanding for Tulis to strike him down and grant him an honorable death. Tulis refused, and was attacked by Lucian, enraged at the illager for having defeated Azren. As the two fought, David made an attempt towards using the Command Block, in which Lucian responded by launching a sword at him, trapping the hero against the wall by his shoulder. After Lucian defeated Tulis, he began to torture the illager, shouting all the disdain he had for his kind and his desire to erase them. During this, Hudson moved to the Command Block and used it to delete Lucian from existence, to Lucian's horror, bringing an end to the Tyrus Prophecy.   Having helped to put an end to Lucian, David headed off to continue his own personal mission, while Hudson took Tulis with him and fled the city with enderpearls. He would help Tulis to recover from his wounds and thank him for helping him to see past his prejudices and bringing compassion back into his heart. Tulis, believing that Hudson had redeemed himself, would help him stay hidden as Noano struggled in the war against Arestina, falling to its own civil war and eventually being forced to sign a peace treaty with Arestina in exchange for the return of civilized illagers' back into society. Hudson would embark on many self-reflective journeys throughout the land, and Hudson would eventually meet Ellis one more time, expressing his regrets and sorrows towards what had happened as they shared a heartfelt reunion. They would then separate and Hudson would continue on his journey as a fugitive.   For now, this is where Hudson's story ends.


Worked as a member of the Order of the Stone for thirteen years. Became the lead enforcer of Lucian's forces for seven years.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Defeated a Wither; led many successful attacks against the illagers, rebels, and Arestinian forces.

Mental Trauma

Scarred from having lost his cousin, his best friend, and his parents to the illagers.

Personality Characteristics


To bring an end to the illager insurgency and rebellion and maintain order.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Is racist towards illagers due to having lost many beloved people to them, as well as fighting against insurgent illagers for many years. This is a mindset that he eventually moves past thanks to the actions of Tulis.

Virtues & Personality perks

Very persistent-he will not give up on a mission until he sees it through to the end.

Vices & Personality flaws

Is stubborn to a fault.


Family Ties

Has a deep sibling-like relationship with Ellis.



Master (Vital)

Towards Hudson





Towards Lucian


Relationship Reasoning

Hudson had been groomed by Lucian for many years in order to be shaped into the ideal servant for Lucian. Hudson saw Lucian as an uncle and Lucian exploits that to his full advantage.


Brotherlike Mentor

Towards Ellis



Sisterlike Apprentice

Towards Hudson



When she was eight, Ellis was sent by the Sapia to become a child soldier of the Order of the Stone. She would become the apprentice of Hudson the hero, who trained her for many years and would fight against insurgent illagers with her. Many years later, Hudson would become disillusioned with the Order of the Stone and betray it, taking part in driving it from Noano. Ellis would abandon him and they would not meet again until four years later, when she tried to convince him to rejoin the Order of the Stone. He refused and threatened to have her arrested, in which she vowed she would bring him to justice. After a duel between the two, she lost her leg and arm and was cast off the building and into a lake far below. Hudson allowed her escape, believing that she would no longer be a threat to the president's plans now that she was missing her two limbs. Many years later after Hudson had betrayed and put a final end to Lucian, he and Ellis would meet up one last time, in which they would exchange heartfelt happiness and sadness for the events that had transpired. After that, they would separate, never to see each other again.

Nicknames & Petnames

Hudson would call Ellis "Ellie."

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Limb Remover/The Illager Butcher
Purple pupils
Light brown
Quotes & Catchphrases
You got spirit, kid. You and I are going to do great things in this war effort, I can tell.
— Hudson after his first battle against the illagers with Ellis
Sometimes, it helps to have an unorthodox strategy to any issue. It's good to try and tackle things from a different point of view, and it can leave your enemies reeling to recover if they weren't expecting such a move.
— Hudson teaching his student, Ellis
The Order of the Stone betrayed their own ideals! They lost their way a long time ago, and now what is left is an empty shell of what it once stood for... I could no longer sit and watch as its corruption deepens.
— Hudson after he betrayed the Order of the Stone
Ellis, you and I are different from the people that control the Order of the Stone. Come with me, and I will pardon you from their crimes. Please... I don't want to have to move on without you...
— Hudson trying to convince his apprentice to stay with him
I have no respect for those who waste my time with their preaching of love and empathy. Such concepts are no longer compatible with the world we live in. There is only the weak and cowardly, along with the ones who will maintain order.
— Azren's mindset towards protestors of the enslavement of illagers
For the longest time, I saw only what I wanted to see. I rejected any reality outside of what I had seen from the Order, and then obeyed the will of the president. But, in a twist of irony, the love I saw was not from those of my past life, but from an illager. And that was what truly got me to widen my world and see past my tinted visions...
— Hudson after having redeemed himself and erasing Lucian from existence
Aligned Organization
Character Prototype
Darth Vader from Star Wars.

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