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Order of the Stone

The Order of the Stone was David's plan to stop Lucian should he ever respawn, as well as oppose any other threats to the human race.


The knights of the Order value spiritual freedom above all else. They have learned to become complacent with giving their lives to protect the communities they live in.

Public Agenda

The Order of the Stone aims to bring society as close to worldwide peace as possible.


The Order of the Stone was dismantled upon execution of Protocol C-164 by iron golems across all settlements within the Minecraftian world government's jurisdiction. Nearly every knight of the Order was slain and what few remained has gone into hiding.

Cosmological Views

Many from within the Order of the Stone believe that Notch created the world and when he was done, gave the world over to Steven. Steve would then become a spectral knight and teach David the ways of combat and guide him on his way to becoming a great knight. David would then go on to form the Order of the Stone, a legion of knights across the world who would serve to protect their communities while encouraging others to join their cause. Their mission was to search for the one destined to hold the title of Hero and train them for the day the world would need them.


The Order of the Stone worships Notch as the Creator and Steve as the guider of heroes.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Order of the Stone is officially endorsed by the Minecraft world government and has buildings within the capital.
Civilian, Knightly Order
Training Level
Stone Knights
Head of Government
Notable Members


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