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The Hero of Light Steve Block Stonewall (a.k.a. Steven)

Due to A Hero's Hope(Steve's first story) being rebooted, Steve's storyline is expected to be rewritten.

Divine Domains



Created the Armor of Resolution.

Holy Books & Codes

The Son of Notch.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A torch.


The Festival of the Pig, a holiday created for Steve to honor his companion, which eventually became a day to appreciate pigs as a food source.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Carries the legacy of the Ancient Builders and can craft objects that typically cannot be built.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears the classic blue pants, light blue shirt, and light grey shoes that Minecraft Steve is known for donning.

Specialized Equipment

He specializes in dual-wielding a sword and shield combo.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Steve was created, he was sent down from the heavens to be cared for by a couple who had just had a child of their own. He was raised among humans for the years following.   On the day of his eighth birthday, everything changed when mobs around the Overworld suddenly became intelligent and launched various attacks throughout the settlements across the world. Many villages were destroyed, and Steve's wasn't spared of the carnage either. His parents sacrificed themselves for Steve and his sister, Alexandra, to flee.   Years passed as Steve and Alex grew into their teen years, and one day Alex was out harvesting sugarcane, when she was surrounded by monsters. Their pig companion went to get Steve, and he helped her get away from them, only to accidentally provoke an enderman, which knocked Alex unconscious with a powerful attack. After an intense struggle, the enderman beat Steve and his companion down until they couldn't fight back before it abducted his sister and teleported away. Steve remained distraught and emotionally destroyed for several days to come.   Years later, he and his pig would stumble across a functioning village for the first time in a decade since the Mob Revolution. After a few days, he and his pig were abducted by a horseman of Herobrine's and taken to the Nether to be brought before the menace, but they managed to get away. After they returned to the Overworld, they set out on a journey to find the one weapon capable of defeating Herobrine, the Grand Sword. When Steve eventually managed to claim it, he went into the End to challenge Herobrine to a fight. He nearly succeeded in defeating Herobrine, but the enderdragon appeared to interrupt the battle and changed everything. Steve and his pig were brought to the edge of the End island, and then dropped into the Void, a place where nothing can survive within. However, due to possessing the Grand Sword, he and his pig managed to survive and went on a new journey within the Void Lands to find a way out.   There is a fifty percent chance that Steve dies in the Void, resulting in the creation of the Struggle Timeline, in which Herobrine becomes Primal King Herobrine. The following is the fifty percent chance that Steve manages to make it out of the Void, creating the Legacy Timeline.   After he went on and challenged Null, the ruler of the Void, he managed to open a rift in dimension and escape to the Overworld with Joey. From there, he went on to reunite with his companions before heading into the Nether to follow Herobrine. After a long journey, the group invaded Herobrine's Master Fortress and began splitting up, with half seeing to it that two of the horsemen of Herobrine's were defeated and the other half following Herobrine back into the Overworld. They ended up in the Far Lands, so far from the center of Minecraftia that the landscape was heavily stretched out and glitched. He then found out that a man he had been seeking out throughout his journey had been his own father, who had survived the Mob Revolution. Herobrine, having captured the heroes and possessing the Command Block, forced Notch to lower himself to the Overworld and forcefully merged with him using the Command Block, becoming far more powerful and turning into Fusion Herobrine. Fused Herobrine used the Command Block once again to open up a portal that led to the physical world of Earth, leaving Steve and his companions behind as his army went through the portal.   Steve and Alex decided to go through the portal alone and ended up in a lab within the physical world, in Stockholm, Sweden. There, they worked with the staff and would soon work with the Swedish military to battle against Herobrine's army. After a long clash, Steve and Alex defeated Herobrine's two horsemen and enderdragon before Herobrine finally warped them to the top of a giant building for their final battle. There, he told the two his motives for invading Earth, and of his fears of the threat that Null posed for the world, before he declared Steve to be a paragon of humanity's best virtues and a worthy opponent for him. After an intense fight, Steve finally defeated Herobrine, but refused to land the killing blow onto Herobrine, believing that deep within Herobrine was a good person. Herobrine, shocked by his act of mercy, decided to give Steve his chance to become the hero the world would need in the future, and called off the attack on Stockholm. The three returned to their world, and parted ways.   Two years later, Steve attended a festival commemorating the opening of Blockholm, the greatest city in Minecraftia. From there, a mage appeared before him and the audience, vowing that within five weeks the world would be destroyed and revealing himself to be Entity 303. He used the Command Block to create a mutated enderdragon that he called the Ender Fury, a beast that sucked in everything around it and grew in size, becoming more destructive by the second. Steve and his friends had no choice but to flee Blockholm and find a way to stop the beast.   After traveling across the Overworld, Steve was captured by a griefer faction and forced into labor, making the group split up and find the giants that could stop the Ender Fury. Steve managed to lead a rebellion and escape the faction during the conflict, killing the griefer leader of the faction in the process during a fit of rage when he found out how his sister had suffered such hardship at his hands. He then was sent a letter by Entity 303 stating that the beast was hunting him specifically and would not end its chaotic rampage until he was dead. Steve, now ridden with guilt at the thought of how many people had died because of him, chose to give himself up to Entity 303. Entity 303 formed a crowd around him as he planned to execute Steve, but then Alex and the others appeared and sabotaged the execution, revealing that they had freed the giants of Minecraftia and Steve now needed to summon them with his sword. Steve did so and the giants stood forth and fought the Ender Fury before destroying it. Entity 303, enraged at this, murdered their father and fled to the End with the Command Block, where he planned to resurrect Null with the machine's power.   Steve followed Entity 303 and fought him, but was unsuccessful in stopping the revival of the god of chaos. Null, finally freed of the Void, then betrayed Entity 303, sealing him within the Command Block, and declared Steve to be the final obstacle before he would end the world. During the intense battle, the Grand Sword was destroyed by Null in a demonstration of his power, and it became clear that Steve could not defeat Null on his own. All out of hope, Steve watched as Null prepared a final attack, but was then struck by Herobrine, who had arrived to aid the hero in his time of need. Herobrine fought with what power he had, giving the hero time to recover, before he was caught by Null and tortured brutally. Steve struck Null with a spectral arrow and angered Null, in which he began to forcefully erase the programming that made up Steve and Herobrine. In a final act of redemption, Herobrine used his ghostly powers to have his soul leave his physical body-destroying his body in the process-and enter Null, trapping the entity in his vessel for Steve to impale with another spectral arrow. Steve was reluctant to shoot at Null possessed by Herobrine, but raised the Hope Bow and fired one last arrow, landing its target and finally destroying Null along with Herobrine. The explosion that followed Null's defeat destroyed the entire End island they had been fighting on and killed the hero himself.   During a dream sequence in which Steve spoke with the Creator, he learned that he had not been born from his parents, but by himself. He learned that he was a demigod who was created by Notch to lead the human race on a path of hope and virtue. He was then given a choice between life and death, where he chose life. He asked Notch if there was a way to bring Herobrine back, as he believed he had redeemed himself. The Creator told him that the choice to bring him back was his own to make, and that he had the power to do it if he truly desired it. Steve was then returned to the Overworld. After all that had occurred over the past few years he spoke with Alex and his pig and vowed that he would continue to watch over the people and guide them down a path of righteousness, peace, and prosperity. He then used his power to bind the spirit of Herobrine to the Grand Sword, with Herobrine acting as the guardian of the sword and decider on who would wield it.   Seven years later, Steve is informed by the voices that serve Notch that he has been chosen to succeed the Creator, and to prove himself worthy of the position, he would have to see everything that the world had to offer, and travel to the four corners of the Overworld. He would also have to give up all of his attachments to his mortal life. With this knowledge, Steve with much sadness bid his friends farewell and set his pig free with a heartfelt goodbye. Steve set off on this great mission, strengthening himself with the sword and shield and becoming a legendary explorer.   During his great journey, he would learn of the revival of a spirit of a former king who sought to take over the world by force. This king was Keen, and was the first hero who had the Spirit of Hope, an ability given by the Creator to heroes to be able to use their xp to strengthen their power in battle. Steve set out to defeat this fallen hero, and would come out on top in a battle that shook the earth.   Steve would also go on to create the Golden Apple, a religious group of people who held unswerving loyalty to the will of the Creator.   Two decades after he had set off on his great mission, a war broke out between the inhabitants of the Overworld and the Nether, a war that became known as the Desolation War. Many of Steve's friends fought in the war and died, and when he joined in the war effort, he was killed as well, but not before killing the Wither that had caused the war, thus ending the war.   Steve's spirit would be preserved within the End by Notch, who tells him that the Swedish government would be seizing the hardware containing the server of Minecraftia and disabling his AI, and gives Steve his powers, immortalizing him and informing him that the future of the world was in his hands as he departed. It is at this point that Steve becomes the Patron of Minecraftia and would await the day when the new hero is to rise.



Accomplishments & Achievements

Reached the Far Lands; defeated Herobrine; stopped the invasion of Earth; defeated Null; defeated Keen; founded the Golden Apple; travelled the four corners of Minecraftia; defeated the Wither; succeeded the Creator as the Patron.

Failures & Embarrassments

Couldn't stop Herobrine from killing his close friend, Howard; broke his own no-killing-people code and took the life of another person; failed to stop Entity 303 from killing his father.

Mental Trauma

Is scarred from losing his parents to the Mob Revolution.

Morality & Philosophy

Believes that no matter what, anyone can redeem themselves. Also believes that all lives are valuable and should be preserved.


Refuses to go as far as to kill another intelligent being unless he has no other option.

Personality Characteristics


To protect the innocent and those who can make amends.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: His pig companion, his sister, being around other people who he can talk with. Dislikes: People that don't care about their actions or other people, those who kill for pleasure, Entity 303, Null.

Virtues & Personality perks

Is always looking for the positives in a bad situation.

Vices & Personality flaws

Is too naive and optimistic, leading to him easily being taken advantage of.


Family Ties

Has a sister named Alex. His mother and father, both of whom are deceased. It is debatable as to whether he is directly related to Notch since he was created, not born from Notch.

Religious Views

Sees Notch as the almighty Creator who is always watching over mankind.

Social Aptitude

Behaves in an introverted manner due to having been separated from the rest of society for over a decade, but tries to be extroverted.

Hobbies & Pets

His companion, Joey the pig.



Secret Protector (Vital)

Towards Steve



Friend (Important)

Towards David




Steven and David first meet while David and Emily are traveling through time. They end up in the era of the Hero of Light and discover that their enemy, Entity 303, plans to kill Steven, so they find him and travel with him until they locate and defeat him in this era.

Relationship Reasoning

David sees his mission as little more than a mission, but comes to see that Steve is a great person despite his mindset about what makes a hero being different from that of his own. He begins to respect Steve a lot more after that. Steve is at first skeptical about David and Emily as he worries they may be part of a griefer faction, but soon realizes that his concerns are ill-needed. He sees David as a respectable heroic person, but reminds him that there isn't a reason for living if he can't enjoy life for what it is.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Overall, the two heroes represent different ideals between what a hero is and should be. David: A hero should always stand up for what is right and fight with everything they have to defeat evil. Steve: A hero should seek to bring hope to the world, but not treat every battle like it's a fight to the death. The two heroes contrast with each others' mindsets, but respect each other nonetheless, treating their versions of what they think a hero should be as equally valid in the end.


Anti-Villain (Important)

Towards Steve




Hero (Important)

Towards Herobrine



Relationship Reasoning

After Steve had learned Herobrine's true motive, he came to respect him. He does not see Herobrine as a hero because of how Herobrine went about trying to stop Null by killing innocents, but he recognizes that Herobrine is not a true villain. Herobrine had come to respect Steve after seeing his heroic heart. He saw humanity's best traits within the hero, and as a result, he sees Steve as an equal in their final battle.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

To protect the Overworld from Null.


Ultimate Villain (Trivial)

Towards Steve





Towards Null


Nicknames & Petnames

Null calls Steven a little hero frequently, to convey how nonthreatening Steve is to him.


Sister (Vital)

Towards Steve




Brother (Vital)

Towards Alex



Commonalities & Shared Interests

The return of long-lasting peace and the prosperity of humanity.


Traitorous Villain

Towards Steve



Naive Hero

Towards Malrus


Relationship Reasoning

Entity 303 was not the first friend Steve had made while within the Voidlands, but he was one who had gained Steve's trust throughout their journey. That made it especially heartbreaking when he personally went before Steve to create the Ender Fury and stab him in the back. Once Steve discovered Entity 303's true plans, he knew he had to stop him at any cost. Meanwhile to Entity 303, Steve was always a means to an end. He knew he could not escape the Voidlands without the hero's help, and so he used his manipulative prowess to earn Steve's trust, knowing that it would be required if he was to get out of the Void, not have to worry about Herobrine, and eventually kill the hero himself.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The New Hero/the Ancient Hero
665 737
Circumstances of Birth
Was created by Notch and adopted by human parents to be raised as a human.
Circumstances of Death
Fought and died in Desolation War fighting the Wither.
Victorian Village
Dark blue
Dark brown
Quotes & Catchphrases
I know I can't single-handedly change the way the world works. No one can. But if I can get even one person to think about the way it works and decide to try and make it better, well, then that's enough for me to keep on going.
— Steven when talking with his sister in the end of A Hero's Destiny.
Known Languages
Minecraftian English, Swedish. is the link to A Hero's Hope, the first canonical story of the timeline of Minecraftia.
Interestingly enough, when Steve fell into the Void, he gained stats that calculated his strength, defense, and speed. His statistics at the time were: ATK-100; DEF-100; SPD-100.

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