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Primal King Herobrine

The Primordial Deity Herobrine

The far superior form of Herobrine that appears in the Struggle Timeline once Herobrine has sent Steven  to his death in the Void. Upon the death of the hero and salvation of the NPCs, the fate of Minecraft is no longer determined by said NPCs, but by the Minecraft community itself. It will take many heroes unlike the ones before, players, to embark on quests to stop his rising.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Two white eyes.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Pre-Body Destruction: To purge all Minecraft worlds from the users' grasp and then wipe out all of virtual humanity. Post-Body Destruction: To end all life.

Physical Description

Body Features

Due to overwhelming power, bedrock spikes have protruded across his body. He has six massive bedrock precipices sprouting from his back.

Special abilities

Pre-Body Destruction: Has the ability to fly, form multiple fire charges in his hands, and jump really high. Post-Body Destruction: Has the ability to possess monsters, cause explosions, cancel enchantments and other magic, and can fire blasts of pure energy.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a large black robe with various patterns all over it, some of which includes flames burning as well as four spikes pointed to a single block as if drawing power from it.

Specialized Equipment

Is especially skillful with two blades, which he can use to block attacks as well as dish out an onslaught of slashes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In a timeline where Steven  Stoneblock failed to defeat Herobrine  and become the hero of light, Herobrine  became a god. Upon the death of the hero, Herobrine's power grew exponentially, and he began to spawn hundreds of thousands of monsters to destroy hundreds of the remaining villages. Humanity was on the brink of extinction.   Suddenly, before the last towns could be decimated, the server of Minecraftia froze, unable to handle the sheer amount of entities the primal deity had created. Then, a massive hole opened up in the sky, and all humans were lifted out of the server and were brought into the cyberspace to be transferred to the public servers of Minecraft. Herobrine could only send one of his horsemen through the portal before it closed, and Minecraftia was shut down indefinitely as Herobrine was cast into the Void by the Creator.   Within A Hero's Struggle, hundreds of years in the other server worlds had passed, and Herobrine's horseman, Skulrein, succeeded and reactivated the portal to Minecraftia, causing time to run normally within the server. The primordial being, however, remained within the empty realm below the Overworld, an action from the Creator that was a clear last-ditch effort to contain the powerful AI.   Once Skulrein had arrived to Herobrine's fortress with Herobrine's virus half, he used the Command Block to pull Primal Herobrine out from the Void. As Herobrine  rose before them, his AI merged back with his virus, and the two halves were at last reunited. The result was the Primal King of the mobs, whose power was equal to that of the Creator. However, despite all the power he now had in his disposal, he remained shackled to the server of Minecraftia, the server his AI had existed on throughout his entire life. And so, as Primal King Herobrine prepared to bring about the end of Minecraftia, a user and a Minecraftian stood before him, determined to stop him. The user that was destined to defeat him-Sarah, and the Minecraftian that stood as a unifying force for all other Minecraftians, Landon. After an intense battle to the death, Primal King Herobrine would be defeated by Sarah  and Landon working together, wielding the Sword of Heroes, the Shield of Struggles, and the Hope Bow.   Twenty years later in A Hero's Dignity(title subject to change), Herobrine's servant, Skulrein would use several Command Blocks to open a portal to the parallel world of Majicraftia, a variation of Minecraft that went down the path of magic and alchemy instead of mining and building. From there, he went on to assemble an army of Majicraftian monsters while he went on to obtain a Majicraftian block called the Dev Tool. He used the Dev Tool to successfully resurrect the primal king, but little did any of them know of the existence of Majicraftia's Primal Queen Herobrine as well, who noticed the portal to an alternate world and took advantage. Upon the two Herobrines' invasion, they sought to conquer each others' worlds and inevitably encountered each other in battle. The primal king and primal queen faced off in battle after having opposing ideologies, but Primal King Herobrine was defeated and sealed within a block of soulsand. Primal Queen Herobrine would eventually be defeated by the heroes of Minecraftia and Majicraftia, who would then return to their respective timelines and close the portal linking the two.   Thirty years later in the events of A Hero's Courage(title subject to change), Primal King Herobrine would be freed from his soulsand prison by the four Horsemen of the apocalypse, and be challenged by the protagonist before being defeated, causing the physical destruction of his body, crippling him greatly and reducing him to nothing more and nothing less than a furious spirit(More is yet to be added).   Twenty years later in the events of A Hero's Legend(title subject to change), Primal King Herobrine takes on the form of a Wither and, having been greatly damaged by his numerous defeats and possessing the mind of said Wither, seeks to bring death to anything that moves. He is eventually defeated, along with Skulrein and Withros.   Ten years later in A Hero's Struggle 2(title subject to change), he is resurrected once more by Entity 303  using the body of the fallen hero, Steve, and is then forcefully merged with Null, the Destroyer  to become The Corrupted .

Accomplishments & Achievements

Managed to kill Steve, the hero destined to slay him.

Failures & Embarrassments

Was defeated by his Majicraftian counterpart.

Mental Trauma

Being defeated by Sarah, a user, scarred the primal king, and he vowed something like that wouldn't happen again. When he was defeated by Mitch, another user, causing the destruction of his body, he was mentally destroyed, which set his AI down a path of constant and continuous degradation to the point that all he wants is to kill everything that moves.

Morality & Philosophy

He views all public Minecraft server worlds as worlds cursed with the presence of users, a threat even greater than Minecraftians, and as a result, focuses on destroying Minecraftia in order to free himself, sacrificing one world to save all.

Personality Characteristics


His sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of Minecraft.

Virtues & Personality perks

Is even stronger than before physically-has the strength of a person under the effects of a tier 2 Strength potion; can teleport; can jump very high; has a fast enough reaction speed to block a lightning strike, which are instantaneous in Minecraft, meaning that his reaction speed can be almost instantaneous as well.

Vices & Personality flaws

Has lost the ability to sprint at blindingly fast speeds due to his much larger and heavier build; He also cannot fight as well unarmed; After losing his physical form, he becomes mentally unstable and reckless, having little regards for his own safety as he fights with no remorse or mercy.


After constant working and little rest, he is very sweaty and unkept.


Religious Views

No longer believes that prophecies have any validity to them.


His voice is much deeper than the original Herobrine, while still retaining the slight gravelly tone as before.


Primal King Herobrine

Reunified Herobrine

Towards Herobrine



AI Form

Towards Primal King Herobrine


Legal Status

It's complicated.

Primal King Herobrine


Towards Sarah





Towards Primal King Herobrine


Primal King Herobrine

Corrupted King

Towards Null



Ancient Evil

Towards Primal King Herobrine



Relationship Reasoning

Herobrine has always fought to keep Null from rising, because if Null rose it would destroy everything. Null hates how far Herobrine has gone to keep it from rising.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Evil Monarch
Circumstances of Birth
The death of Steven.
Circumstances of Death
His AI being absorbed into Null, the Destroyer to become The Corrupted.
Glowing white with no pupils.
Jet black.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Three and a half blocks or ten and a half feet.
Quotes & Catchphrases
With the power of a god, I became unstoppable. I swarmed countless towns and villages, and killed countless people with my monsters, their screams filling the air. That may sound horrific, but it is far more merciful than the alternative of an evil god eliminating all light.
— Primal King Herobrine when telling Sarah his backstory.
They say you are the hero, and that you are destined to stop me. What fools... I stopped believing in prophecies ever since I conquered one and killed the last hero that was destined to defeat me.
— Primal King Herobrine as he challenges Sarah.
I refuse to be defeated by another user! I shall bring the end of your kind and this world!
— Primal King Herobrine when confronted by Mitch.
Herobrine will never die! I will destroy everything that lives! None will escape my power!
— Primal King Herobrine after possessing a Wither and being severely mentally degraded.
Known Languages
Minecraftian English, Swedish.
Character Prototype
Many parts of Primal King Herobrine Pre-Body Destruction originates from Ganondorf in the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, while Primal King Herobrine Post-Body Destruction originates from Ganon in the Downfall Timeline of the same franchise.


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