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The Corrupted

The Corrupted is a phenomenon that occurs at the end of the current version of the Struggle Timeline. It is the fusion of the mentally destroyed Brine and Null, the Destroyer. This being is an incredibly unstable hybrid of virus, glitch, and AI that could crash the world it resides in if left unopposed, rendering it corrupted and unusable. The Corrupted is the final form that the primal king takes by the end of his story.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To erase anything and everything.

Physical Description

Special abilities

The mere presence of The Corrupted within a world is enough to send fatal errors across the server which, if left unstopped, will corrupt said world, effectively destroying it. It is also capable of defying gravity, erasing entities at will, and causing graphical bugs for anything in its presence, making identification among NPCs and users difficult.

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

The Corrupted is completely mindless and goes on an endless rampage across the Minecraft server multiverse.
Divine Classification
Divine Virus
Chaotic Monstrous
Circumstances of Birth
Brine's AI and virus was corrupted by Null.
Circumstances of Death
Its physical essence was erased by Sarah's Bow of Infinity while The Corrupted's soul was sealed within the Sword of Heroes.
Pure white with heavy dark outlines.
30 blocks/meters.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Character Prototype
Calamity Ganon's spectral form from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


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