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Golden Apple

The Golden Apple religion is a more modernized version of Notchism, modified to incorporate the Patron into the religion, who is recognized as the Son of the Creator and the Watcher who keeps balance in the world. The Golden Apple is most associated with the Sapia, who heavily practice the religion. The Golden Apple was founded by Steve and Jessie.


The Golden Apple was created in Year 723, and was practiced by the Sapia for several hundred years. It continues to the present day.

Divine Origins

The Golden Apple religion was founded by Steven as he traveled to the four corners of the Overworld in order to become the worthy successor to Notch. It was founded to ensure that the will of the Creator and the Patron wouldn't be forgotten.

Cosmological Views

In the beginning, there was nothing but virtual chaos. Then, the Creator crafted a single plot of land and placed it into the Void of emptiness. Then, the Creator created dirt and stone, followed by water and lava, and added life to the empty plot. After that, the Creator expanded the land to cover the Void, and life spread across its surface, as desired by the Creator. Everything that happens in the world is by the will of the almighty Creator.


The Sapia have a single Lorekeeper per generation that embodies the will of the Patron and is to carry out his wishes. The tribe typically has up to four Lorekeepers at a time.

Granted Divine Powers

The Lorekeepers of the Sapia is chosen based on those who are capable of crafting objects no other Minecraftian is capable of crafting.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Sapia have significant influence over foreign nations, due to their Lorekeepers' unique crafting abilities, which are on rare occasions used to trade special objects in return for their undisturbed way of life and continued secrecy.

Through the light comes hope. From hope, there is willpower. With willpower comes courage. It is with courage that we overcome our fears. The Light will save us all.

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