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Lorekeeper of the Golden Apple


One must be able to demonstrate the power of being able to craft objects no ordinary person could craft.


The newest initiate is given the rank by the eldest Lorekeeper in a ceremony attended by the entire tribe.


The Lorekeepers are to share the word of the Patron to the rest of the tribe, and are obey the will of the Patron, and do as he commands.


The eldest Lorekeeper essentially has all the power of the tribe, and makes the most important decisions.


The Lorekeepers have significant bargaining power due to their unique ability to craft what no one else is capable of crafting, and on rare occasions use this influence to maintain a favorable status with the Cities of Harmony.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Lorekeepers' outfits and jewelry are custom-made by each individual, but typically follow the same theme of light green with gold symbols on their outfit.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Lorekeeper that disobeys the will of the Patron, and uses their power to craft items and weapons to be used against humans is grounds for the immediate termination and execution of the rogue.

Notable Holders

Lisra is as of currently the most notable Lorekeeper, due to her involvement in guiding the hero, David, to the Grand Sword, then becoming the last Lorekeeper, and then preserving the Sapia.
Form of Address
His Voice
Equates to
Source of Authority
The Patron
Current Holders
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