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Ancient Builders

This article details information that is largely unknown in-universe and mainly exists to help the author keep track of information.   The Ancient Builders were a mysterious race of people that lived long in the ancient past. They were the Creator, Notch's, original instances of the human species that would populate the Overworld. Very little is known about them even by the most dedicated historians of the Minecraftian world. The Ancient Builders built many structures that exist across the Overworld, ranging from mineshafts and dungeons to temples to pray to their god. Many of the Builders had the ability to craft anything they desired, and utilized this ability to craft things that were never meant to exist. Eventually, the Builders became proud, and sought to rule over their own fates by standing against the Creator. It is believed by the few who know this much that it was by the will of the Creator that the Builders began to procreate with his second variation of humans, the Testificates. The mass-breeding of the Villagers and Builders ended up causing both variations to go largely extinct, their intermingling creating the third and final instance of humans that exist to the modern day. The true cause(stop reading here if you wish to keep the illusion of mystery of the Ancient Builders) is that the Creator, Notch, erased the Ancient Builders from the video game world after they rebelled against their god and continued to break the game with their unyielding item generation, and had them replaced with the third variation of humans that exist today that are almost exclusively limited in their crafting ability to what is craftable within their inventory and crafting tables. The Testicates were largely wiped out by the new humans who sought war with them to conquer their homes and claim them for themselves.


Historical figures

The original Steve was a hero among the Ancient Builders. The new Steve carries the legacy of the Builders.
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